Selecting Payroll for Service-Based Businesses for 2023

Investing in payroll for service-based businesses for the 2023 tax season benefits companies of any size. Smaller service-based businesses rely on compliance and efficiency to get themselves off the ground and to stay competitive in an industry. You will want an adaptable payroll program once you identify your business’s specific payroll needs and requirements. Whether […]

How to Fill Out a 1093 Form: A Guide

Completing tax forms for each calendar year may feel overwhelming without factoring in your business’s 1093 form. The Colorado Department of Revenue mandates the use of DR-1093 for reporting purposes. The Department utilizes any business’s data to reconcile all of the payments received from employees in the most recent calendar year. Ensure that all of […]

Payroll vs 1099 Workers: Who Should You Hire?

All employers have to decide whether to hire payroll vs 1099 workers. Hiring either type of worker comes with its own pros and cons. For certain businesses, hiring 1099 workers will enable you to contract your work to people around the country. However, if you want to hire in-person employees, you should hire people who […]

The Effects of a Payroll System Program on Company Morale

A good payroll system program can help build a strong company. Unfortunately, the inverse is also true. Investing in a bad payroll software system can have negative effects on your company’s performance. Bad or imperfect payroll software can also influence your employee morale throughout the company. Make sure to focus an appropriate amount of your […]

Use Payroll for Home Care to Eliminate Paycheck Stress

In-home nannying is a blessing but figuring out nanny tax information can feel like a curse. Complying with different nanny taxes and employment laws is an important part of the process. Nannying requires a strong sense of trust between employer and employee. Letting someone into your personal life as a professional can be difficult to navigate. […]

Payroll Direct Deposit Software for Business Owners

If you are an employer currently handling payroll on your own, you may want to consider a payroll direct deposit software to expedite payroll and make the process easier for you and your employees. Software tools are incredibly helpful for tax calculations and check preparations. Employees rely on their employers for timely and accurate checks, […]

Form Filing Software for Your Master Limited Partnership

In the simplest terms, a master limited partnership is a limited partnership business that is also a publicly traded company. This allows investors to take advantage of the same “flow-through” or “pass-through” income as well as a prorated share of the business’s depreciation. Unlike other types of LPs, these investors also enjoy the flexibility that […]

Limited Partnership Businesses and Form Filing Software

A limited partnership is a kind of business structure that allows investors to limit their personal liability as it relates to the business’s debts and obligations. It’s one of the most common business structures and helps incentivize investors to provide capital to new businesses. Crucially, the limited business partner does not have any control over […]

Top 5 Accountant Software Features from AMS

With AMS, your accountant software is more versatile, more dependable, and more affordable than ever before. Dollar-for-dollar, you can’t beat the performance, usability, and security of software solutions. Here are 5 features that keep bringing our business customers back to AMS, time and time again. 1. Dependable and Easy-to-Use Our W-2/1099 Forms Filer is easy […]

Top 10 Accounting Software Features from AMS

At Advanced Micro Solutions (AMS), we often like to talk about the reliability and versatility of our entire software system. The module interaction delivered through our W-2/1099 Forms Filer, for example, is a powerful resource in building custom product packages that help make AMS one of the top 10 accounting software companies overall. Especially for […]