Do Small Businesses Need Payroll for Bookkeepers?

Finding comprehensive payroll for bookkeepers is an important step for all small businesses. An automated system that enables your bookkeeper to efficiently produce invoices and collect payments is necessary. Bookkeepers should also possess the ability to prepare you for all of the approaching tax deadlines and process your payroll. Consider all of the ways that […]

Mistakes to Avoid with Payroll Processing for Accountants

Avoid overlooking useful tools as you search for payroll processing for accountants. Affordable and automated systems streamline weekly tasks for accountants who manage multiple clients. Simplify your work rather than adding more steps to it. A vendor offering accounting and payroll processing features for accountants is highly beneficial. It may make sense to explore additional […]

Should You Use a 1099 For Household Employee Taxes?

Not sure if you need a 1099 for household employee taxes? The IRS has specific guidelines for who they consider contract workers and who they designate as a household employee. Make sure that you know which one you plan to hire. There is no one way to differentiate the workers. What you must do is […]

When to Use 941 Amended Form

Not all businesses use a 941 amended form for tax periods. Employers should still understand why they might need them. Use Form 941 to record your business’s payroll tax liabilities and deposits. File the forms on a quarterly basis to stay compliant with the Internal Revenue Service regulations. The IRS references your 941 forms to […]

What Qualifies as a 1099 Employee? A Guide

Knowing what qualifies as a 1099 employee is more complex than determining how many hours someone works or how long they have worked for you. Any sized business may hire employees and short- or long-term contractors. Understanding the important distinction between employees and contractors influences the tax forms that you use as you onboard a […]

Form MW-507 Help: Managing Maryland Payroll

Employers must familiarize themselves with relevant state withholding form requirements, which may mean seeking MW-507 help. Collect all employee MW-507 forms so you can fully set up your Maryland payroll. Make sure all employees complete the mandatory Form MW-507. You need the form in order to calculate the estimated income tax that you withhold from […]

What to Look for in the Best 1099 E-File Service

Reduce the amount of time and money that you spend on different 1099 and W-2 forms with the best 1099 e-file service. Consider not needing to worry about paying for overtime 1099 management or purchasing countless amounts of materials. You will find that you get the added convenience of not needing to load unique forms […]

What is Good Payroll Software for Independent Contractors?

Hiring 1099 workers for your small business requires investing in trustworthy payroll software for independent contractors. Different businesses have unique quality software requirements. Some businesses may experience issues with software scalability. Other businesses may face sudden integration issues or dislike rigid payment options. Whether your business’s software does not meet your needs or you want […]

How to Report Bonus on Tax Return: A Guide

Many employers issue annual bonuses to their employees and must know how to report bonus on tax return forms. Reporting bonuses requires all parties to understand their role. An employer typically reports bonuses that they paid to an employee in Box 1 of a W-2 form. Keep in mind that employers may issue bonuses in […]

The Benefits of W-2 Maker Software

Employers must take certain steps before they invest in W-2 maker software. You have already sought out employee consent and provided IRS-mandated disclosures. You informed all parties about key deadlines. It is only after taking these steps that employers can truly start considering what software meets their business’s needs. Going electronic for W-2 forms is […]