WA Labor and Industries Quarterly Report: Employer Software Support

Filing workers’ compensation claims can be a hassle, but the Washington State website makes the process easier for both employers and employees. However, employers filing their WA Labor and Industries Quarterly Report may face a few speedbumps during the process. To complete this task, you will need all relevant personal and wage-related information for your employees. Without accurate and updated records and payroll data, this simple form may take hours to complete, wasting both time and resources. Advanced Micro Solutions has the answer.

We create intuitive, user-friendly accounting products for small businesses across the country. If you’re a small business owner in Washington, you likely don’t have much time to focus on tax, wage, and labor reporting. You’re probably busy providing a service. Unfortunately, this means you may neglect several important tasks. This is where AMS can help; instead of stretching yourself too thin or hiring labor you can’t afford, customizable accounting software will help to speed up your accounting and filing processes—even for the idiosyncratic WA Labor and Industries Quarterly Report.99

To that end, most Washington tax and wage forms must be filed online with the state. The your Labor and Industries Quarterly Report is no exception. However, our software products can aid in tracking, archiving, and transferring essential data when completing these forms. If you’re in need of a data generating, storage, and application system, Advanced Micro Solutions has the answer.


WA Labor and Industries Quarterly Report Support

AMS Payroll is a comprehensive payroll, forms filing, and data management tool. Though the connection between the WA Labor and Industries Quarterly Report and payroll may sound tenuous, the two are inextricable—at least when it comes to payroll software. AMS Payroll performs all necessary payroll and accounting functions; it prints checks, facilitates Direct Deposit processing, and automatically calculates local, state, and federal taxes. However, this tool does much more than payroll calculation.

When you complete the Labor and Industries Report, you do so on the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries’ website. This tool will automatically calculate essential figures, allow you to choose payment dates, and view your account balance—much of the work AMS Payroll would already do for you. However, business owners need employee and business data to get started on the WA Labor and Industries Quarterly Report before letting the State’s website do the math. When our software processes payroll, it records all necessary information—gross wages, withholding, hours worked and personal information. This data storage is essential for forms like the Labor and Industries Quarterly. Plus, users can export information to any tab-delimited text file, making data transport fast and easy.


AMS is Customizable and Convenient

When you’re ready to purchase our software, you can do so at any time and from anywhere. If you’re still unsure about the purchase, you can test our software online without spending any money. Download our free demo to see just how powerful AMS Payroll can be. For a truly customized experience, purchase one of our other add-on products to complete your accounting software. Our full catalogue is listed below.

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Our W-2 and 1099 Forms Filer is our only required platform. From there, users pick the services they need. Choose from the tools below to build out your customized accounting software.