Struggling with Form 5208B? AMS Payroll Can Help

Pretty much all Washington businesses with employees are required to pay unemployment insurance. Often, this process is two-fold; a business must complete both a quarterly tax report and a wage detail. In Washington, these forms work together to produce essential payment amounts and other tax-related data. While the quarterly tax report includes business-wide financial information, such as gross wages, taxable wages, and excess wages, Form 5208B—the WA Wage Detail Report—requires individual data for each employee. This includes full names, Social Security Numbers, total hours worked, and total wages paid in the specific quarter.

For many small businesses, Form 5208B is a hassle. Though you may only have a handful of employees, payroll reporting and processing is often one of the first responsibilities to suffer when caught up in other small business-related tasks. As a result, you may not have the information needed to complete Form 5208B, meaning the process is likely to be long and tedious. Plus, employers must complete this set of forms quarterly, only adding to the difficulty of reporting.

Advanced Micro Solutions has an easy fix to this difficult problem. We specialize in accounting and payroll products for small businesses. Rather than spending valuable time and resources manually recording every payroll calculation and transaction, our software will handle the difficult part for you. With a built-in data storage feature and easy export options, AMS Payroll has what you need to streamline your small business’s finances.


Form 5208B is No Match for AMS Payroll

Unlike other software products, AMS Payroll is designed to support small business accounting. This tool can perform all essential payroll functions; users can facilitate direct deposit processing, print checks, automatically calculate local, state, and federal tax, and electronically file a variety of forms. However, AMS Payroll also provides unmatched state-specific support—Washington’s 5208A, 5208B, and the Labor Report are already included in the software, ensuring simple and streamlined electronic filing. Additionally, state and federal tax deposit information, as well as disbursements, can be recorded.

AMS Payroll’s ability to generate and store data set it apart from other payroll tools. The software will house essential employee data, including hours worked and wages paid, then store it for easy access come quarterly or annual tax season. Your data can be exported to QuickBooks General Journal and/or a Tab-Delimited Text File, and several payroll reports are already included. This is the most comprehensive payroll and small business accounting product available, and it will make your Form 5208B reporting fast and easy.


Take Us for a Spin

Investing in a payroll software is a big decision for most small businesses, and we want to ensure you make the right choice. Our product is available online in the form of a free demo, allowing potential customers to test out essential tools before spending any money. If you love our software, consider purchasing an add-on tool to expand your accounting abilities.

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