AMS Payroll Helps with North Dakota Unemployment Insurance

Like all American states, North Dakota requires employers to pay unemployment insurance. This fund, sustained by employers across the state and country, allows people to receive benefits if they meet eligibility criteria. While the process of paying North Dakota Unemployment Insurance might sound complicated, it’s actually quite simple. Plus, the state has an easily accessible North Dakota unemployment insurance employer account systems service, called UI EASY, to make the process a bit easier.

Employers and accountants use UI Easy to file their quarterly employer’s Contribution and Wage Reports, make electronic payments, and manage the unemployment insurance tax account. The program makes filing the required forms easy, but employers need to fill out the forms themselves. That’s where we come in.

North Dakota Unemployment Insurance forms, the Contribution and Wage Reports, require specific wage information for all the people your business employs. While filling out and filing the form won’t take much time, the process of finding and calculating accurate information can be tough for small business owners who may already be stretched thin. AMS Payroll , our semi-automated payroll software, is a great solution to this common problem.


How AMS Payroll Can Help

UI EASY provides most tax and wage services offered by AMS Payroll – you’ll be able to automatically calculate the total, excess, and taxable wages, automatically calculate the tax due, and pay your tax electronically. What it can’t do, however, is build a database of employee information to enter onto your North Dakota Unemployment Insurance forms. Only AMS Payroll can do that.

Our payroll product will automatically calculate state, local, and federal taxes, withhold the correct amount from your employees’ paychecks, and store all necessary tax and wage information. When it comes time to file your quarterly or annual taxes, all you need to do is access the database your software has generated for each payroll period. This makes filling out all tax and wage forms – whether they apply to North Dakota Unemployment Insurance – fast and easy.


AMS Payroll also supports the state’s Contribution and Wage Report, meaning users can easily transfer data from the software onto a facsimile of the form. While UI EASY allows employers to manually enter wage information, the ability to download the form and import a text file of wage information from your payroll system is extremely useful.


Banish Your Unemployment Insurance Worries Now

Buying AMS products easy – when you’re ready to purchase, you can do so from anywhere and at any time. However, we understand the urge to do as much research as possible. This is a payroll product, so it will greatly affect your day-to-day operations as a small business. That said, we want to make your decision as easy as possible. We have made our software available online in the form of a free, downloadable demo. We hope this will assuage any fears of jumping head-first into a new software program.

That said, our software offerings are not limited to payroll. We offer an entire suite of add-on products to help streamline your accounting processes. Find our full catalogue below.


Software Solutions from AMS

Our W-2 and 1099 Forms Filer is our only required platform. From there, users pick the services they need. Choose from the tools below to build out your customized accounting software.