File Your North Dakota Contribution and Wage Report with AMS Software

If you run a small business in North Dakota, odds are you’ll need to file the North Dakota Contribution and Wage Report – even if no wages were paid for that quarter. The good news is the report itself isn’t time-consuming. The bad news is that you’ll need a lot of information to fill it out.

Fifteen items comprise the North Dakota Contribution and Wage Report, but most of them are easy to complete. You’ll need to provide your name and address, then confirm that you are still operating out of that location. Your account number, the quarter ending, due date, and tax rate are also included in this part of the form. Items 11 and 12, however, require some more preparation. Employers and accountants completing this form will need to provide the social security number, name, and gross wages paid for all employees, including the total wages before any deductions – even if the wages exceed the taxable limit. If you’ve been using a well-designed payroll software, this shouldn’t be a problem. If you’ve been working manually or with an inept program, it could take hours to track down this information.

Advanced Micro Solutions aims to save time and stress when it comes time to report tax and wage information. If you’ve found yourself scrambling to finish the North Dakota Contribution and Wage Report, we have an accessible, low-cost, and user-friendly solution. Here’s how we can save you both time and money with your quarterly filings.


AMS Payroll and the Contribution and Wage Report

There are two major hurdles to completing the North Dakota Contribution and Wage Report: filling it out and filing it on time. AMS Payroll Software , one of our most popular add-on products, addresses both of those problems.

Our semi-automated payroll system will automatically calculate local, state, and federal taxes, then deduct the correct amount from your employees’ pay. The software will then store this withholding information in the program’s back-end data feature, which is easily accessible when it comes time to file monthly, quarterly, or annual tax and wage information. Then, users can easily transfer this information to a facsimile of the Contribution and Wage Report, which is supported by the software. After that, just download the form and send it on its way. It’s that easy.


There’s more to AMS than quickly and easily filing this common form. The software stores employee data, facilitates direct deposit processing, and can print up to 30 types of checks. Plus, AMS Payroll processes both live and after-the-fact payroll to ensure optimal user convenience.


Getting Started with AMS

If this sounds like a program you’d like to try, we recommend downloading the free demo version of the software. This is an excellent opportunity to see how the process works. When you’re ready to make your purchase, you can do so at any time. Any questions about our products should be directed to our Sales and Information Team at 800-536-1099.

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If you’re looking for North Dakota Contribution and Wage Report support, we have the answer.


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