Update to Nebraska Unemployment Insurance Taxes Platform

A recent press release from the Nebraska Department of Labor details new deadlines relating to Unemployment Insurance (UI) taxes. Previously, employers had to submit UI taxes by January 31st of each year. However, the state has extended the deadline to February 28th to account for the transition to a new tax filing platform. In early December of 2021, Nebraska introduced NEworks, an electronically tax filing platform for employers.

The state anticipated a period of transition for employers to learn how to use the new system, so they extended UI tax filing deadlines. This post will explain how the new platform impacts employers and their filing process. Despite an updated system, employers still need reliable payroll software to accumulate data throughout the year. AMS payroll software can help with this data collection and tax calculations to make filing that much easier.


Transition to New Nebraska Tax Platform

NEworks is a modern tax platform that Nebraska launched to streamline UI tax filing for employers. The state provides a detailed information guide on the new system to help employers adjust to the new platform. Previous to the new system, employers could submit their quarterly reports and payments either electronically or by paper. Employers can still use either option for their filing, but NEworks requires that all employers register for an account to access the filing tools. The system houses all of the state’s employment, employer, and other labor-related resources for businesses to access. You can search their database for any employer resources you need.

NEworks serves as the central resource for employers and employees alike. Since the state launched the platform near the end of the year, employers did not have much time to learn the system and register for their accounts. The state chose to extend UI tax filing deadlines to give employers a grace period to learn the new system without facing consequences for late filing. Now, each time an employer needs to file or address an UI tax claim, they need to login to their NEworks account to access the right forms.


AMS Can Help with the Tax Transition 

Employers will likely need more time to fully understand the NEworks platform and navigate the site efficiently. While the NEworks site changes how employers file UI taxes and reports, their need for quality payroll software remains. Our accounting and payroll software is a reliable resource for employers who need to complete payroll “live” or after the fact. As employers work around adjusted deadlines for tax filing, they can rely on AMS software to remain accurate with tax calculations and organized filing.

AMS software is still compatible with the relevant payroll reporting forms your business will need to file. As you adjust to the NEworks platform, you can depend on your payroll software to keep your payroll on time and accurate so that you can focus on your tax filing. To learn more about AMS payroll software, you can call our Sales and Information Team at (800) 536-1099.



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