AMS can Help File Your Missouri Quarterly Wage Report

Form MODES-4, the state’s Quarterly Wage and Contribution Report, is used by Missouri employers to report the wages of their employees to the Division of Employment Security. All employers are required to file this report on a quarterly basis—even if no wages were paid or if the assigned tax rate is zero. The Missouri Quarterly Wage Report requires standard earnings and withholding information: total wages paid, taxable wages, and taxes due. However, as with most quarterly reports, it requires the total wages paid to each individual employee. This data should be recorded in your payroll process, but if it’s not, forms like MODES-4 and anything to do with the Missouri UI Tax will be tedious and time-consuming.

AMS has the products to streamline your accounting processes, whether that includes payroll, quarterly, or end-of-year reporting. Our software is perfect for generating and applying the information necessary to complete your Missouri Quarterly Wage Report. Read on to see exactly how we can help.

AMS Payroll is Perfect for the Missouri Quarterly Wage Report

The data necessary to file Form MODES-4 is necessarily part of your payroll process. Your payroll software should record wages paid, tax withheld, and essential employee information. Unfortunately, few are able to perform this function—even if your payroll software records the information, accessing it can be very difficult. Our payroll software is different.

AMS Payroll Software functions as both a paycheck calculator and a database. The software will perform standard payroll functions—check printing, direct deposit processing, and data export—but is equipped with a powerful back-end data management feature. This tool provides support for end-of-year reporting, tax form preparation, and electronic filing, recording and hosting information necessary to complete everything from MODES-4 to your Missouri UI tax. When you’re ready to get started, each of our software solutions starts with our powerful platform.

Getting the Missouri Support You Need

Included on both AMS Payroll and our Forms Filer Plus—

  • DES-4; Quarterly Wage and Contribution Report
  • 941; Return of Income Taxes Withheld


Available only with Forms Filer Plus

  • Supplemental; Wage Report Continuation Sheet
  • W-3; Transmittal Wage & Tax Statement
  • KC-RD-110; Return of Earnings Withheld
  • W-4; Employee’s W/H Allowance Certificate
  • DES-4A; Contribution & Wage Adjustment Report

A Free Trial for Skeptical Missourians

The people of Missouri are proud of their heritage. Nicknamed “The Show-Me State,” Missourians are known for their skepticism and habit of demanding evidence. This transcends day-to-day matters and seeps into the ability to make smart, well-researched business decisions. We know you want to see a product before making an investment—and that’s exactly what we can provide. We have made our payroll software available in the form a free, downloadable demo. This is an excellent opportunity to try our product on for size; see if it works with your accounting style, browse the user-friendly interface, and take the tools for a spin.

If you have any questions, give our Sales and Information Team a call at 800-536-1099. Need more proof? Our client testimonials page is an excellent place to land. The Missouri Quarterly Wage Report is no match for Advanced Micro Solutions’ Accounting Software.

Software Solutions from AMS

Our W-2 and 1099 Forms Filer is our only required platform. From there, users pick the services they need. Choose from the tools below to build out your customized accounting software.