Kentucky New Hire Reporting Form Software

In the state of Kentucky, employers are required to report all newly hired (or rehired) employees within 20 days of their start date. This requirement helps to reduce fraudulent unemployment insurance and workers’ compensation claims, saving taxpayers money. Additionally, the process speeds up the child support income withholding order process while simultaneously expediting the collection of child support from parents who frequently change jobs. In essence, Kentucky new hire reporting exists to hold employers and employees accountable for their financial obligations. If you employ people in the state of Kentucky, this responsibility is partially on your shoulders.

While this may seem to be an excessive burden, the Kentucky New Hire Reporting form is uncomplicated. To complete the necessary documentation, you will need basic information for both yourself and the employee—names, mailing addresses, SSNs, the Kentucky Employer Identification Number, and the employee’s date of hire. Kentucky new hire reporting occurs online, and filing the form is fast and easy. Unless you’re hiring hundreds of employees at once, you won’t likely need additional software assistance.

Completing the Kentucky new hire reporting form, however, presents a unique opportunity to business owners looking to upgrade current accounting systems. The information collected for this form will be essential for future filling processes—from the Kentucky Withholding Form and Kentucky Form K-1 to Kentucky UI 3. If you don’t currently have a data management system, this information may be lost in the process. Similarly, if you already have a data management system, you’ll need to incorporate this new employee’s information. If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to upgrade your payroll, data, or forms filing processes, the perfect time to do so is while hiring new employees.


Transitioning Payroll Systems

In addition to completing the Kentucky new hire reporting form, hiring new employees necessitates data and payroll management. You’ll need to incorporate these new people into your systems in order to maintain their personal information and wage earnings. If you’re unsatisfied with your current system (or perhaps you don’t have a physical system at all), this is an excellent opportunity to switch software products altogether. Why onboard new employees within a system if you’re just going to adjust the entire process in a few months? You’ll need to input the data anyway—why not do it in a new semi-automated and comprehensive tool?


How AMS Payroll Helps with Kentucky New Hire Reporting

AMS Payroll is the best choice for your new payroll software. In addition to housing your new employee’s data, you’ll be able to perform all basic payroll functions—from check-printing and direct deposit processing to wage calculation and deduction/addition allocations. Additionally, AMS Payroll will automatically calculate state, federal, and local withholding tax to make payday faster and more efficient than ever before. See below for additional selected AMS Payroll features.

  • State and Federal tax tables are included and updated as needed
  • Up to 40 User-Defined fields can be set up for deductions/additions, such as 401K
  • Checks printed individually or by date range
  • Over 30 types of checks are supported
  • Supports Federal payroll forms such as the 941, 940, 943, 944, and 1040 SchH
  • Imports data from QuickBooks, PeachTree, Excel, and Tab-Delimited Text Files
  • Exports data to Tab-Delimited Text Files and/or QuickBooks General Journal


If you’ve been looking for a new payroll, tax and wage reporting, or data management system, use your Kentucky New Hire Reporting Form as an opportunity to make the leap. You won’t be sorry.

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