Filing the Kentucky UI 3 Form is Simple with AMS Payroll

Unemployment insurance and related forms—such as the Kentucky UI 3 Form—cause stress for both business owners and accountants alike. If you run a company with employees, you must have unemployment insurance. This employer-funded program, required by both state and federal law, comprises some funds withdrawn from employee paychecks. Moreover, at the state level—i.e. in Kentucky—the tax, or SUI, is calculated using the maximum amount of earnings that can be taxed in a calendar year, as well as how many former employees have filed an unemployment claim. If this sounds like it requires a lot of data, you’re correct. The UI 3 Form is notoriously information-dense, and frequent reporting means you must stay up-to-date with employee information.

If you want support for your bank UI 3 form, Advanced Micro Solutions has the answer. Our comprehensive and effective wage reporting and payroll software is perfect for those struggling to report and remit the UI 3 Form. From payroll products to ACA filers, AMS has what you need to streamline accounting processes.

Want to check out the KY UI 3 Form, but don’t know where to begin? The Kentucky Career center’s Office of Employment and Training has a helpful resource portal.

Kentucky Payroll Support Beyond the UI 3 Form

If you are seeking support for the UI-3, you likely want support for other Kentucky-specific forms. Our products—specifically AMS Payroll Software and the Forms Filer Plus —are equipped to help report and file a range of state-specific forms. Below, you will find the Kentucky forms we support:

Available on both AMS Payroll and with Forms Filer Plus—

  • UI-3; Quarterly Wage & Tax Report
  • Supplemental; Wage Listing
  • K-1E; Quarterly W/H Worksheet—E-Filers
  • K-3E; Annual W/H Worksheet—E-Filers
  • K-1; Quarterly W/H Worksheet
  • K-3; Annual W/H Worksheet

AMS Payroll is Perfect for KY UI 3 Form Support

As noted above, AMS Payroll supports all the Kentucky-specific forms we provide. Additionally, this comprehensive software is perfect for streamlining several accounting processes—everything from check printing to necessary tax support. See below for the offerings that may interest those seeking UI 3 support:

  • Advanced Data Management and Support—We provide data management tools to support and guide end-of-year reporting, tax form preparation, and electronic filing. Our easy and user-friendly data entry options streamline the reporting process, and you can easily import data from several sources. Exporting is just as easy; you can export data to a Tab-Delimited Text File and/or QuickBooks General Journal for easy and streamlined processing.
  • Tax Support—AMS Payroll Software provides support for easy tax calculations. In addition to providing relevant federal, state, and local payroll taxes, our software shows various state and federal tax liabilities for quick reference. Additionally, we provide a wide variety of payroll reports, including a payer/tax summary, employee detail, accounting software, and worker’s compensation. You can easily record state and federal tax deposit information and disbursements as needed.

Getting Started

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Software Solutions from AMS

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