AMS Payroll has the Support You Need for Form ES 903a

If you’ve never been on the withholding end of a payroll stub, wage withholding may be a new and confusing experience. Employers must withhold part of the employee’s wages in order to pay income tax. In New Mexico, this withholding tax is based on an estimate of the employee’s state income tax liability—this is very similar to federal withholding tax. Nearly every business owner in New Mexico must withhold state income tax. This includes all industries, from agricultural workers to shopkeepers, but there is a limited exception for certain nonresident employees. Additionally, both active-duty military service and Native American peoples from New Mexico federally recognized nations, tribes, or pueblos are exempt from state income tax. Form ES 903a will help you determine your quarterly contributions.

The amount of tax withheld is dependent on the claims made on the federal W-4 form, as well as how often wages are paid. The New Mexico State Wage Withholding Tables in the FYI-104 will aid employers’ calculations, but an accounting software can make the process significantly easier. Whether you’re a fresh New Mexico business owner or a veteran of the industry, wage withholding can be a tedious and complicated process. Advanced Micro Solutions has the resources to help. In addition to providing support for a range of federal payroll forms, we also include several New Mexico-specific forms—including Form ES 903a, or the Quarterly Wage and Contribution Report.

Getting Started

For easy reference, additional information regarding Form ES 903a and New Mexico income tax is available here. Read on to see just how effective Advanced Micro Solutions can be when it comes to Form ES 903a and other New Mexico tax processes. To get started with AMS software support, the first step is to order our platform software.

Try Before You Buy

Purchasing accounting software is a big step for any business. If you are hesitant to make the investment, AMS has an opportunity you do not want to miss. We have made our software available in the form of a free, downloadable demo—perfect for interacting with the user interface, doing a trial run for Form ES 903a, and discovering new tools.

The State Form Support You Want for Easy Accounting

AMS Software comes equipped with a wide range of state and required federal forms. The state-specific forms are included on two of our most popular software products: AMS Payroll and our Forms Filer Plus . See below for the complete breakdown.

Included in both AMS Payroll and our Forms Filer Plus—

  • ES-903-A1; Quarterly Wage and Contribution Report

Included only on our Forms Filer Plus—

  • RFD-41072; Annual Summary of Withholding Tax for CRS-1 Filers
  • ES-903-B1; Supplemental

If you need form ES 903 1a support, you may be in the market for new payroll software. Additional information regarding AMS Payroll Software can be found here.

If you’re still unsure, we encourage potential customers to call our Sales and Information team with questions. They can be reached at 800-536-1099. Still unsure? Check out our customer testimonials page. Whether you want a comprehensive payroll system or support for only form ES 903 1a, AMS has the accounting software solution.

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