What Are Common Payroll Compliance Challenges in 2023?

Modern businesses of all sizes may encounter payroll compliance challenges in 2023 as they manage the company’s books. Whether you find a miscalculation or a misclassification, the susceptibility to human error always exists on some level. Keep in mind as you manage the payroll cycles for your company that the complications will likely differ from one business to another. A small business may face greater and more immediate consequences. Look for a solution providing more support to help avoid the risk of costly fines harming your business.

Advanced Micro Solutions Payroll Software is a trustworthy and comprehensive add-on module to our W-2/1099 Forms Filer base program. Software does not eliminate all payroll mistakes. A good program instead helps you identify avoidable errors and increases efficiency by removing repetitive payroll management tasks.


Common Mistakes for Payroll Compliance Challenges 2023

Entering the wrong information or misfiling a form is not unusual or unprecedented as far as making payroll management mistakes. Some of the other most common payroll compliance missteps are:

Lacking Data Standardization – Prioritize data standardization so that your business does not encounter issues by region with different reporting requirements. Reports containing inaccurate or inconsistent information will likely result in payroll misinterpretations. Use tools to convert the business’s reports into the same format to improve the readability of all readable payroll records.

Inefficient Data Consolidation – Avoid wasting time and resources by manually migrating your business’s data. Select a software system that enables you to automate payroll consolidation in an efficient and accurate manner.

Jeopardizing Confidentiality – One major concern with payroll compliance challenges 2023 is privacy and data security. Employers must know all the data protection laws and utilize tools to safeguard sensitive employee and company data. Implement all protection laws based on your location and take any additional measures to ensure the utmost protection.

Failing to Keep Track of Costs – Do you have more than one payroll process for a business? Even small businesses with simple payroll processing should keep a close eye on the amount that they spend on wages, taxes, and benefits. Better manage your costs once you consolidate and visualize your business’s payroll.

Misclassifying Exemptions or Employees – Abide by the Internal Revenue Service’s Form W-4 to understand each employee’s income tax withholding rate. Failure to do so will result in payroll compliance challenges for 2023 tax year and possibly the IRS holding the business liable for any back taxes. Familiarize yourself with unique characteristics of employees versus independent contractors. Neglecting or refusing to make the clear distinction between these workers may prove costly for your business. Submit Form SS-8 to the IRS if you have any confusion.


How to Avoid Payroll Compliance Errors

You may never eliminate the risk of payroll compliance difficulties, but you can reduce their frequency and severity. Protect yourself and your business from needless challenges in the following ways.

Keep your payroll records consistently organized. Confirm that all new hires provide you with information on the necessary documents and then carefully file your paperwork. Ensure that your payroll department or human resources department may access them without any difficulty.

Seek automation tools by using payroll software. Many payroll compliance challenges in 2023 result from missing important deadlines or inputting the same information more than once.

Integrate each of your business’s software programs. Confirm that your payroll tools work alongside others like benefits administration and time and attendance. Do not assume that all software integrates with each other. You may end up needing to enter the same information to your program more than once or spending more money on a new system.

Create a clear payroll compliance checklist for your business. Know what the IRS expects from you in order to stay compliant with payroll. Add checklist tasks such as inspecting all of the onboarding paperwork and double-checking personal information and tax codes as needed.


How AMS Software Keeps Businesses Compliant

AMS Payroll processes “live” or after-the-fact payroll for businesses that operate in all 50 states, plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Our payroll software module runs your automatic calculations for federal, state, and local payroll taxes. Businesses can also record any state and federal tax deposit information, as well as disbursements. Use the View command at any time to see various state and federal tax liabilities.

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