Do Your Own Payroll with Simple Payroll Software for Small Businesses

Simple payroll software for small business can support faster and more efficient accounting. Whether you’re a new business or making the transition to payroll software, it is essential to find a user-friendly tool. Unfortunately, many of the popular products available come with unnecessary and complicated features. Plus, most of these popular tools require a monthly subscription fee, which can be inaccessible for small businesses on a budget.

Advanced Micro Solutions offers simple, disc-based payroll tools. Our software is intuitive, which means new users take to the platform very quickly. We only include the features you know you’ll need. If you want additional accounting tools, just purchase the associated software module.



What is the Easiest Payroll Software to Use?

The easiest payroll software will depend on your business’s size and accounting structure. That said, Advanced Micro Solutions provides the best simple payroll software for small business needs. Our accounting and payroll software, AMS Payroll, is user-friendly and menu-driven. With easy payer and employee setup and the ability to run both “live” and after-the-fact payroll, this is among the best software options for small businesses.

Keep in mind that you’ll want your payroll software to streamline other accounting processes, too. That’s where AMS Payroll excels. In addition to automatically calculating federal, state, and local payroll taxes, users can electronically file a number of important forms right from the software. This software also seamlessly integrates with our other accounting modules, including the base W-2/1099 Forms Filer and our Software Generated Forms platform. Best of all, our simple payroll software for small businesses is affordable and fits into most small business budgets.


How Do You Set Up a Simple Payroll Software System?

You’ll need to complete the same set-up steps regardless of the payroll software you choose. Whether you select AMS or a different option, here’s what to expect:

  1. Obtain and save your employer identification number (EIN). You will get this when you register your business with IRS form SS-4.
  2. Check state and local requirements. For example, some states require employers to collect employee ID numbers.
  3. Educate yourself on the different types of workers. Most small businesses will work with a combination of independent contractors and part- and/or full-time employees. Read more about their differences here.
  4. Choose your pay period. Most businesses utilize bi-weekly pay, but other pay periods are available.
  5. Choose and download your preferred payroll system.
  6. Enter all required information, including W-9 and W-4 forms.
  7. Run your payroll system. Remember to check that all payroll-related data is recorded for later use.
  8. Report payroll taxes. Employers need to submit a number of payroll tax reports. The IRS has a helpful guide to understanding your tax obligations.


Get User-Friendly Payroll with AMS

If you’re ready to buy an AMS product, you can do so from anywhere and at any time. But if you want to ensure AMS has what you need, you have the option to try our free demo software. This provides the opportunity to take our platform for a test drive. If you have any questions about the software, its features, or AMS, give our Sales and Information Team a call at 800-536-1099. Simple payroll software for small business needs is best with AMS.

Software Solutions from AMS

Our W-2 and 1099 Forms Filer is our only required platform. From there, users pick the services they need. Choose from the tools below to build out your customized accounting software.