Buying Payroll Systems for Large Companies: 3 Common Mistakes

Buying payroll systems for large companies is an arduous task. Unlike with smaller companies, the stakes are much higher for large business payroll investments. When implementing a new software tool, large companies often need to undertake a training and roll-out process. If the tool isn’t exactly what administrators need, they risk starting over with a new software – having already wasted time and money on an imperfect option.

Large companies often make a handful of mistakes when embarking on a software search. If you’re responsible for finding payroll systems for large companies, do what you can to avoid the following mistakes:



Mistake #1: Assuming an “All-in-One” Platform Has What You Need

Large companies have wide-ranging needs. As a result, payroll managers might assume that “all-in-one” platforms have everything they require in payroll software. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. The “all-in-one” terminology is used as a marketing term to convince prospective customers that this is the only software tool they’ll need. But because large companies have such varied and extensive demands, you’re unlikely to get everything you need in a single software.

Additionally, “all-in-one” payroll can be difficult to implement on a company-wide level. These tools are often unnecessarily complicated. Both administrators and employees may grow frustrated with the process and begin advocating for a new option.


Mistake #2: Buying an All-Inclusive Tool Just Because You Can

Large companies typically have larger budgets for finding the perfect software tool. However, just because you can spend a lot of money on software doesn’t mean you should. Keep in mind that many popular software tools impose an additional fee per payee and/or payer. At a large company, this can add up to thousands of additional dollars spent per month – even if that all-inclusive tool was only $50 per month at the outset. For reference, Advanced Micro Solutions does not impose this additional charge, making it one of the most affordable payroll software options available to large companies.


Mistake #3: Ignoring a Free Demo Tool

When shopping for payroll systems, you’ll want to gather as much information as possible before pulling out the business credit card. If a prospective service offers a demo software, take the opportunity to test out the platform. This is a fast and easy way to sort prospective tools and eliminate those that don’t meet a company’s immediate needs. Advanced Micro Solutions provides a free demo software to help bolster customer confidence.


AMS Makes Payroll Systems for Large Companies

Advanced Micro Solutions can help people tasked with purchasing payroll systems for large companies. We provide a modular software tool that ensures you only buy what you need. Our six software modules are solutions for a range of tax- and wage-related requirements. Users purchase our W-2/1099 Forms Filer, then add programs to build a customized software suite. AMS Payroll, our accounting and payroll software, is a great option for large companies. It supports up to 1,999 payers and up to 9,999 employees per payer. AMS Payroll also includes network and multiple PC installation. For your large company payroll software needs, consider AMS.



Software Solutions from AMS

Our W-2 and 1099 Forms Filer is our only required platform. From there, users pick the services they need. Choose from the tools below to build out your customized accounting software.