Payroll System Services for Technology-Wary Business Owners

Payroll system services should work with your current accounting practices – not against them. For growing businesses suspicious of expensive and inaccessible payroll tools, there is an alternative. Advanced Micro Solutions is a disc-based, low-cost, and user-friendly accounting software designed with small businesses in mind. No matter your needs or experience, our tool will help streamline your accounting system.



Move Away from Manual Reporting with User-Friendly Software

User-friendly software can take many forms. At AMS, it looks like a menu-driven platform and fill-in electronic forms. Our intuitive design makes sense to even the most technology-hesitant users. If you’ve been conducting manual payroll and tax reporting, tools from Advanced Micro Solutions are guaranteed to make your life easier.

There are a variety of benefits to choosing a user-friendly payroll system. This can include:

  • Accurate tax and wage reporting
  • Accurate payments and withholding
  • Streamlined filing
  • Automatic tax and wage calculation
  • Efficient auto-fill feature saves time

When you use our tools, you’ll also have access to digital facsimiles of the forms you already know. Just fill them out on the computer rather than by hand. Advanced Micro Solutions is the best option for new, small, and growing businesses – no matter your experience with payroll.


The Importance of Customer Care

For both new and veteran payroll users, customer support is an essential component of payroll system services. Payroll often operates on tight deadlines. When something goes wrong, or when you have a question, you’ll want the answer as soon as possible. The same is true for end-of-year tax reporting. Failing to meet specific end-of-year reporting requirements can result in hefty fines and fees from the IRS. Even the simplest payroll tool available won’t help if you don’t have access to professional support.

Advanced Micro Solutions is proud to offer comprehensive customer support. Our technical support line, 405-340-0697, is always available for those with questions and concerns. Additional support is supplied during high-volume months, like the end and beginning of tax season. We also provide a customer support form and a wide range of customer support tools. With a comprehensive Support Knowledge Base, a Form Instructions and Publications section, and an extensive FAQ, we have the information you need to get the job done.

Best of all, when you give us a call, you’ll speak with one of our long-time associates. Rather than connecting with a customer service agency thousands of miles away, you’ll get hands-on support from one of our small business employees. We’re proud of the relationships we build with our customers, and we’re sure you’ll feel the difference.


Get the Payroll System Services You Deserve with AMS

If you’re interested in payroll system services, consider AMS. Our modular software tool ensures you only pay for the services you need. Start with our W-2/1099 Forms Filer, then choose the add-ons you want. The W-2/1099 Forms Filer and AMS Payroll, our accounting and payroll software, is our most popular software pairing. But, no matter what you decide, know that we’re here to help with the decision. If you have any questions, give our Sales and Information team a call at 800-536-1099. We also offer a free demo software to help you feel confident in your purchase.


Software Solutions from AMS

Our W-2 and 1099 Forms Filer is our only required platform. From there, users pick the services they need. Choose from the tools below to build out your customized accounting software.