The Best Payroll Software Price for Small Businesses: What to Look for and How to Buy

First-time business owners looking at payroll software price options should consider the business’s immediate needs. Transitioning from running payroll manually requires you to think outside the box, considering different factors than you might have previously done. Among the most important? Price. If you choose a pricey software, your business may cut into the monthly budget or other discretionary funds.

While transitioning into a payroll tool can save money in the long run, you shouldn’t cut corners to afford the software. There are a variety of payroll programs available to meet the specific needs of small businesses.

AMS Payroll from Advanced Micro Solutions, our accounting and payroll software, is among the best and most affordable options out there. AMS Payroll is an add-on module to our W-2/1099 Forms Filer. Whether your company enters employee or non-employee compensation during the year, the program supports “live” or “after-the-fact” payroll at a competitive payroll software price.



Signs Your Small Business Needs Payroll Software

Take some time to figure out how much money you should spend on a payroll program. Once you determine a figure, ask yourself whether you have the following long-term payroll goals:

  • You want to automate your business. Modern payroll lets businesses fill out forms for new hires and file payroll taxes with a few simple clicks. You can set reminders to pay employees and independent contractors by payday. Payroll software also lets you organize documents. Improving your organization minimizes the risk of losing important files.
  • Your company needs customizable software. Doing more administrative work defeats the purpose of investing in any semi-automated system. Finding the best payroll software price means seeing how services meet your business’s unique needs. Check if a system lets your business run weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payroll. You should also look into whether a tool has e-filer capabilities that can optimize your time management and tax reporting.
  • You want to streamline reporting your business’s taxes. Payroll services should do the heavy lifting for your business ahead of and during tax season. Look for a program that will accurately withhold, file quarterly reports, and prepare any W-2 and 1099 forms.
  • You want to improve your software integration tools. Sync your tax and wage reporting programs to help ease your administrative duties. Finding a service that offers integrated accounting and payroll features can save you money. This should help you avoid paying for multiple programs that may be incompatible with each other.
  • Your company needs better software support. Any software provider for payroll needs should be responsive. Knowing you can get help as you need it can make a difference when problems or questions arise.


Why Use AMS Payroll Software?

Stay mindful of available payroll tools as you look for the best payroll software price. You may sacrifice important features if you focus solely on the bottom line. Outline your business expenses and look where you can potentially limit spending in other areas.



AMS’ disc-based services stand apart from today’s commonly used cloud-based software. Cloud-based and subscription-fueled providers can increase their prices once you are comfortable using their program. AMS is an affordable alternative without hidden fees or surprise charges. Try our free 1099-etc Demo or call customer support at (405) 340-0697 with questions.

Software Solutions from AMS

Our W-2 and 1099 Forms Filer is our only required platform. From there, users pick the services they need. Choose from the tools below to build out your customized accounting software.