How Payroll Check Software Benefits Employers and Employees

Employers are sometimes not the only ones who prefer payroll check software. Employees may prefer the payment method for a number of reasons, such as possessing greater control of their money and having more privacy. Electronic payments may be highly common, but accountants and bookkeepers know that there are still benefits when they use software for payroll checks.

Advanced Micro Solutions is at the forefront of customizable small business software. We offer a base W-2/1099 program with optional add-on modules. AMS Payroll is one of six modules and it supports over 30 different check types. We compiled a list below that illustrates the benefits of investing in affordable and reliable software for payroll checks.


Why Employers Choose Payroll Check Software

You will always spend a certain amount of time running payroll — that is unavoidable. Whether you manage the books or outsource for assistance, all parties involved should know why payroll software for checks is beneficial.

No Handwritten Checks – Writing checks by hand for each employee even in a small business is time consuming and impractical. Avoid mistakes with software designed to streamline payroll management duties and detect any errors.

Less Time Sensitivity – Direct deposit has its advantages, but time sensitivity is not one of them. You must collect time and attendance records and run a company’s payroll by a specified date. Otherwise, you will risk giving employees late paychecks or paying higher fees to expedite the process.

Avoids Direct Deposit Fees – Using payroll check software has its own supply costs, but using direct deposit tools comes with fees. Some banks charge transaction fees when businesses set up a transfer of money into an employee’s account.


Do Employees Prefer Physical Payroll Checks?

All employees differ, but many like the idea of receiving physical payroll checks. They may even favor these checks for specific personal reasons.

No Bank Account – Employees cannot receive direct deposit payments without bank accounts. Workers without bank accounts can cash payroll checks at issuing banks. Employees may also cash checks at certain convenient stores for a fee.

Cashing Full Check – Employees with debts or overdrawn bank accounts may prefer to keep a paycheck away from their bank. These employees may also prefer to deliver a physical check to avoid showing larger influxes on their bank statements.

Depositing into Another Account – Some employees may wish to deposit their pay into family member’s accounts for the short or long term. Not receiving direct deposits makes that possible.


AMS for Payroll Check Software

We designed our AMS Payroll add-on module with the ability to support up to 1,999 payers and up to 9,999 employees per payer. The software a​​utomatically calculates federal, state, and local payroll taxes and prints MICR checks using the Software Generated Forms module. AMS users can print checks individually or by selecting a date range.Choosing to distribute payments via physical checks or direct deposit requires consideration. AMS also gives its users the option to let the software process Employee Direct Deposit payroll information. Learn more by exploring our free demo or calling us at (405) 340-0697.

Software Solutions from AMS

Our W-2 and 1099 Forms Filer is our only required platform. From there, users pick the services they need. Choose from the tools below to build out your customized accounting software.