When Is It Time to Get W2 and 1099 Software?

Small businesses should invest in w2 and 1099 software from the start. Choosing not to use any payroll or accounting software can create unnecessary short-term obstacles. Not using software can also hurt your business’ success and viability in the long term. Finding the right program for a small business and its specific needs is important, but do not procrastinate. Accounting software can reduce the big issues that you may experience, such as compliance and time management.

Transitioning from manual bookkeeping to Advanced Micro Solutions can be seamless. Finding accounting software means you need to determine if you want to get a full accounting suite of tools. You may decide that your small business only requires a few specific programs. Our W-2/1099 Forms Filer runs as a base program. Users who purchase our core system can add on additional modules, including our Software Generated Forms and AMS Payroll.


Reasons to Get W2 and 1099 Software

Consider getting a standard accounting program that your business can use regardless of your field or industry. Your team will likely discover that standard software is useful and less stressful during your bookkeeping transition period. Below are other reasons why you may invest in more standardized accounting software.

Your business continues to expand. Small to medium-sized teams can still grow. It may look different from how a major corporation grows, but a bigger team will affect your daily tasks. Stay proactive so that you do not feel overwhelmed by increased budgets or invoices.

You need greater data accessibility. A growing business can mean that you have too much data to manually store. Use w2 and 1099 software to save and organize your files. Accessing data from a single source is much simpler and offers greater security.

Manual accounting and payroll tasks are redundant. Finding an automated system helps to eliminate the monotony of certain accounting duties. The repetitive tasks can range from doing inventory tracking to processing transactions.

Your current system makes too many errors. Some accounting errors are unavoidable. You can still reduce business errors and avoid large penalties with the right software. Accounting programs often catch manual input mistakes that human eyes might overlook.

You or your team needs guidance. Investing in accounting software helps individuals who lack bookkeeping experience. Your business may lose money if you leave the problem unaddressed.


Find Accounting Software with AMS

Planning ahead to find good and trustworthy w2 and 1099 software can save small businesses time and money. Our comprehensive core product supports businesses that need W-2, W-3, and many types of 1099 forms. Saving time is essential as your business grows. Employers can use our program and only need to input payer information once. Users can also enter their data from multiple sources, such as Excel, form print files, and ordinary text files.

Consider trying our free 1099-etc Demo before you make any final decisions. We designed the demo to help businesses determine which modules will best assist them with their accounting tasks. Call us directly at 1-(800)-536-1099 with any demo-related questions.

Software Solutions from AMS

Our W-2 and 1099 Forms Filer is our only required platform. From there, users pick the services they need. Choose from the tools below to build out your customized accounting software.