Where to Get a Printable 1099 Form 2020

There are a number of rules to follow when tax filing season commences. Some of the rules and guidelines can feel especially overwhelming if your business is small or is getting off the ground. However, in order to avoid any unnecessary penalties, it is important to know the places where you can print the Form 1099 for 2020 taxes. Likewise, it is important to know which forms you are not allowed to print and should only be used for informational purposes.


Where Can You Print the Form 1099?

All forms, both printable and informational, can be accessed in PDF format on the Internal Revenue Service’s website. If you are looking for a printable 1099 form 2020, make sure that you read the fine print. For instance, if you wish to print the Form 1099-MISC, you can only do so for Copy B and other copies of the Form 1099-MISC that appear in black.

Alternatively, Copy A is only informational. Copy A appears in red, much like the official IRS form. Although the official printed version of Copy A is scannable, the online version, if it is printed from the website, is not and may result in a penalty if submitted to the IRS. The same guidelines apply to forms such as the recently re-introduced Form 1099-NEC, as well as the Forms 1099-INT and 1099-DIV.

So, when seeking a printable 1099 form 2020, most times you will need to visit the Order Forms & Publications section of the IRS’ website. There, you can order your business’s tax forms and the U.S. Postal Service will deliver them. It may arrive in about 10 business days. Ultimately, the IRS will accept all forms that align with their official printed versions and do not complicate the processing. Each form online will explain any differentiations, but it is noteworthy that the IRS requires any printable 1099 forms to be completed by using high-quality devices like a laser or ink-jet printer.


Why Use a 1099 Software Program?

The usefulness of a strong, reliable 1099 software program should never be underestimated. Your instinct may be to file a printable 1099 form 2020 by hand, especially if you are a small business. However, filing online is faster and easier, and the right software tool like what is offered by Advanced Micro Solutions can expedite the entire tax filing process.



Larger volume 1099 forms can be bought at office supply stores. However, to print 1099 forms online, you can buy Advanced Micro Solutions’ W-2/1099 Forms Filer with a Software-Generated Forms module. The 1099 software can support up to 1,999 payers and employers.

What’s more, Advanced Micro Solutions’ e-Filer can electronically file all year-end W2 and 1099 forms directly to the IRS or the Social Security Administration. All prior efforts to find a printable 1099 form 2020 will quickly become a thing of the past once your business experiences the software’s advanced, easy-to-use system.

Software Solutions from AMS

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