Switching from a Blank 1099 Form 2020 to Digital Software

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the ways many offices operate. When it comes to filing your business or trade’s 2020 tax returns, re-evaluating previous standard proceedings should be a priority. Now, as more 1099 forms are being filed by both large and small businesses this year, it is a good time to make a transition. While it is useful to know where you can get a blank 1099 form 2020 printable, a 1099 software tool goes a long way in making everyone’s job easier and more efficient.

Where to Find a Blank 1099 Form 2020

There are a couple of useful resources for accessing 2020 1099 forms. The first place you can access them in PDF format is on the Internal Revenue Service’s website. It is important to read the guidelines. Typically for 1099 forms, Copy A is only informational and appears in red like the official IRS forms. While the official forms that you can order from the IRS are scannable, the online version is not. If you try to file the online forms, you may receive a penalty. Alternatively, Copy B and other copies of the Form 1099 that appear in black can be printed off the website.

Office supply stores are another option for purchasing a blank 1099 form 2020. It is a good option if you do not want to wait about 10 business days to receive the forms from the IRS. Office supply stores like Office Depot and Staples are reliable, and they sell numerous 1099 forms including, but not limited to, Forms 1099-MISC, 1099-NEC and 1099-DIV. Office supply stores are also a solid option because they typically sell the red ink forms that are needed for certain copies of the Form 1099.

Why You Should File Electronic 1099 Forms

There is perhaps no better time than the present to make the switch and digitally fill out all of your 1099 forms. Given the rise of remote work and higher non-employee compensation, the Form 1099-NEC will likely become the most familiar 1099 form due to its frequent use.

Advanced Micro Solutions offers a W2 and 1099 Software that can generate a blank 1099 form 2020. The software is designed so accountants or payroll specialists only need to input payer information one time. Along with making it easier to fill out information, filing the digital paperwork is much more efficient. The e-Filer electronically files your year-end W2 and 1099 forms to the IRS and/or the Social Security Administration.

Other Advanced Micro Solutions 1099 software features include the program creating an SSN verification file. Doing so enables the company to verify an employee’s Social Security Number. Additionally, you can save your reports in a PDF encrypted format. Rather than spend the tax filing season buried in papers and trying to organize everything, seeking out a digital blank 1099 form 2020 is certainly the route worth taking going forward with your business or clients.

Software Solutions from AMS

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