The Perks of Using 1099 Programs for Your Forms Filing

There are many ways your company can keep track of financial information: spreadsheets, financial log books, dedicated software programs. There are certain advantages and disadvantages to each method—and they’re not necessarily mutually exclusive—but in this day and age, it’s becoming increasingly unheard of not to have at least some software support for your business filings. There are likely several reasons to consider 1099 programs from Advanced Micro Solutions (AMS) for your business:

Fill and File Data with Ease

One of the biggest advantages of software solutions is the ability to fill and file reporting data easily. Rather than manually inputting information into the forms each and every time you need to, a lot of the information will be populated for you. For this reason alone, 1099 programs are an essential business resource that saves time and money for firms of all sizes. Along with common files and automatic functions, AMS specifically offers a wide range of data importing from file formats including:

  • Columnar Report File
  • Tab Delimited Text File
  • Comma Delimited Text File
  • Lotus WK1 or dBase III DBF File
  • QuickBooks 1099/W2 Print File
  • Form Print File
  • Federal 1099 MAG File
  • Federal W-2 MAG File
  • Lotus or Excel Files

More Software Benefits

1099 programs will keep track of financial data that is normally reported on forms 1099. For a small business that frequently hires independent contractors or other small businesses to complete tasks, this means that your year-end reporting of what you have paid can be completed without a lot of extra headaches. Our 1099 program will also make it easy to take care of any 1099-Q, -R, -S, or other 1099 filing needs.

An advantage of having this information is it will make it easy to determine if the independent contractors you frequently work with could be potential part time or even full time employees as your company grows and expands. A 1099 program will show you how much you pay your contractors and can help you decide if extending an offer of employment would be the right move for your company.

1099 Programs from AMS

Our W-2/1099 Forms Filer is the foundation platform from AMS. This solution offers a number of data entry, reporting, printing, and security features. You can enter new information on screen displays that resemble the actual forms or through a spreadsheet-style format. Easy form alignment reduces printing errors. Secure data reports use encrypted PDF files. Again, this platform offers support for all your 1099 forms (and w-2s and w-3s as well).

But more than this, our platform provides sophisticated module interaction. This means you can choose and implement a custom software package that addresses the specific needs of your business. Consider the software products costs from AMS:

W-2/1099 Forms Filer (required platform)
Payroll Module
E-File Direct
Affordable Care Act Filer
1042-S Filer
Software-Generated Forms
Forms Filer Plus

The best way to see our software in action is to download our free demo. If you have lingering questions, however, we also encourage you to contact our Sales and Information team at (800) 536-1099.

Software Solutions from AMS

Our W-2 and 1099 Forms Filer is our only required platform. From there, users pick the services they need. Choose from the tools below to build out your customized accounting software.