1099 Form MISC and other Common Filings

There are 1099 forms for all kinds of things. 1099-CAP is used for changes in corporate control and capital structure. Are you in circumstances where you really need accelerated death benefits? These payments will likely be documented with the 1099-LTC form. Did you receive reemployment trade adjustment assistance (RTAA) payments? Expect to also receive a 1099-G form. And yet, along with a handful of other common 1099 filings, the 1099 form MISC is responsible for reporting the vast majority of non-employee income in the U.S. each year.

Part of the reason for this is the nature of the form itself. The miscellaneous category of this form captures everything from crop insurance to attorney fees to fishing boat proceeds. But independent contractor payments are another big reason for the huge volume of MISC filings, especially as the modern economy continues to generate more work opportunities for “self-employed contractors.”

1099 Form Software for Payers

You know how it feels like pretty much anytime you make any significant amount of money it’s subject to being taxed? That’s largely due to the rules and forms governing 1099 filings, or “Certain Information Returns.” We don’t really know anybody who likes paying taxes, but the hassle that comes with filing 1099 forms as a Payer—well, it’s no picnic, either. Get the software support your business needs. Find a versatile and intuitive solution at attractive price points. Find powerful and reliable software with Advanced Micro Solutions (AMS).

Other Common 1099s

  • Interest, Dividend, Property, and other Investment Income: This includes the 1099-INT, 1099-DIV, 1099-S, and 1099-B form, respectively.
  • Health and Education Savings Disbursements: This includes the 1099-SA and1099-Q form, respectively.
  • Disability and Retirement Plan Payments: This includes 1099-QA and 1099-R form, respectively.

What Makes the 1099 Form MISC Different

Another side-effect of the form’s miscellaneous nature is that a lot of payers who aren’t sure about their filing requirements end up looking at the 1099 Form MISC instructions. Sometimes, the business isn’t required to file at all. Sometimes, the business has overlooked a different filing form they need. And, sometimes, this is indeed the form they need.

It’s also worth pointing out that sometimes the confusion about whether to use a 1099 form MISC is about whether to classify a worker as an employee or as an independent contractor. The IRS acknowledges this potential ambiguity in so much that it provides a form (SS-8) that people can use to make an official determination.

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Regardless, our W-2/1099 Forms Filer has the software support and data management technologies your business needs to comply with the IRS filing requirements in an accurate, timely, and cost-effective way. Small business owners may be able to reduce their forms filing time and information errors just through the power and intuitive operation of this platform software. Growing firms, companies operating in specific industries, businesses with larger payroll, and independent accounting professionals are more likely to benefit from a more comprehensive software package.

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