1096 Correction Instructions: How to Amend IRS Forms

Formally known as the Annual Summary and Transmittal of U.S. Information Returns, IRS Form 1096 is essentially the cover letter for forms classified as “information returns.” There are several forms that fit into this category, but the big ones are W-2s and any type of 1099 filing. More than just a cover letter for new filings, Form 1096 correction instructions are used to inform the IRS that previously filed information returns contained errors or omissions.

When you file the 1096 form, you will not be able to print a copy through AMS. Rather, you will need to acquire a special, pre-printed form to send to the IRS. You can get this by ordering directly from the IRS or visiting an office supply store.

Form 1096 Correction Instructions: How to Amend Other IRS Forms

Pretty much every common IRS form has Instructions that include how to amend filing errors. Certain kinds of form errors set off red flags that require more of a two-step correction process, and so we always recommend double-checking the instructions for any filing form you need to correct.

That said, a lot of simple math errors and reporting mistakes can be corrected by doing the following: Fill out a new form with the correct information. Check the box at the top of the form to indicate the filing is a Corrected form. Fill out and include Form 1096 to indicate how many of which type of form you’re correcting. Then, submit the corrected IRS forms and cover letter by mail or e-file.



What about Correcting IRS Form 1096 Itself?

Because IRS Form 1096 is a cover letter that simply reports how many of a particular form you’re filing, mistakes on the form itself are pretty rare. Simple math errors on the cover sheet may get corrected—or simply ignored—by the IRS. Again, Form 1096 is more of a cover letter than its own filing with the IRS. The IRS has software that looks for these kinds of inconsistencies. In fact, if you plan to electronically file your tax reports, you will not need to submit a 1096. If you do, however, you’ll need to transfer data from most forms onto the paper 1096.

Still, you may get—or have already received—some kind of notification letter, which may or may not include a late penalty and the need to use Form 1096 correction instructions. In this case, the notification letter should include instructions for correcting the mistake. This includes a failure to file a 1096 at all. As a preemptive measure for a self-identified mistake, you can submit a new form with a letter that clearly explains the error ONLY occurred on the cover letter and NOT any of the filing forms itself. At the same time, you should still include all of the original forms, each clearly marked as a “Copy,” with the new or corrected Form 1096. You can also contact the IRS directly to get instructions about what to do in your case.


Make Things Easy with Software Support from AMS

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If you have specific questions about filing and receiving Form 1096, we have answers. We have compiled a comprehensive FAQ section to address common inquiries about this interesting little form. If you have a question that isn’t covered in our FAQ, reach out and let us know.

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