Printing 1096 Form Still Shows File Copy

Our program does not print a “fileable” copy of the 1096 form. You must use the 1096 pre-printed forms to send to the IRS.


Printing 1096 Form

Printing 1096 form is necessary because there is no such thing as e-filing the form. Rather, 1096 is designed to condense and summarize the information in your varied tax reports, which can include 1097s, 1098s, 1099s, and 3921s. The form, while available for reference online, needs to exist as a physical copy in order to be filed.

Though our program does not print a fileable copy of the 1096, you can get a form at an office supply store or from the IRS online. You can use this copy to file your combined tax reports. However, if you need assistance with any of your tax reports, you can do essential calculations and data entry via AMS products, like AMS Payroll. Check out our free demo to see what we mean.


Software Solutions from AMS

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