Cost-Cutting Tips to Find the Cheapest Tax Service for 1099 Support

The cheapest tax service for 1099 support is the one that works with your company’s structure. Often, small businesses seek out free 1099 support in advance of tax season. These programs are unreliable, which can lead to fees and fines from the IRS and/or SSA. Additionally, even with utilizing a free program, businesses will still […]

Find the 1099 Forms and Software Your Business Needs

1099 forms and software are among the most important purchases a new business can make. While many companies will start operating with a payroll software in place, few think to incorporate support for end-of-year tax filing. If left unprepared, 1099 form and software requirements can pile up. For companies filing business taxes for the first […]

How to Find and Buy Independent Contractor Tax Software

Independent contractor tax software is used to track and report payments made to 1099 workers. While most employers will work primarily with employees, contractors are abundant in the business world. Whether hired for short-term project management or long-term building maintenance, independent contractors are a part of every organization. You should have a software to support […]

3 Drawbacks of an Integrated HR Payroll System

If your business uses an integrated HR payroll system, you might be looking for an alternative. Increasingly, popular accounting tools are adding an HR integration element to standard payroll software. This can be a benefit to some companies. But, for most, it is an irritating inconvenience. HR and payroll are discrete functions that require different […]

The Best Independent Contractor Software for Your Needs

Independent contractor software is an increasingly important business tool. Whether you work as a contractor yourself or with self-employed people, you’ll need a way to track work. That’s where a W-2/1099 Forms Filer can help. This type of software helps users record personal data and payment information throughout the year. The result? An accurate tax […]

Why Should You Separate HR and Payroll Software?

Combining HR and payroll software is an unfortunate trend in businesses across the country. Mixing HR and payroll functions is an increasingly common strategy in American companies. However, these departments have discrete functions and limited overlap when it comes to company responsibilities. If you’re considering a new payroll software, don’t overcomplicate things by combining HR […]

Need 1099 Help? Try a 1099 Reporting Software

A 1099 reporting software can save businesses time and money during the end-of-year tax process. Whether you’ve never filed a 1099 form or just need additional support as your business grows, here’s what you need to know about 1099 reporting.     How to Report a 1099 1099 reporting is straightforward, but it has more […]

Hospitality Payroll Software from Advanced Micro Solutions

Hospitality payroll software is an important tool for hotels and restaurants. Hospitality payroll can be incredibly challenging. With different types of workers, complicated tax responsibilities, and a penchant for seasonal hires, hospitality accounting is complicated. The key to solving this issue? A user-friendly payroll software. Advanced Micro Solutions offers an intuitive payroll tool perfect for […]

Finding the Best Payroll Computer Software for Your Business

Payroll computer software is among the first purchases you should make as a new business. Whether you’re starting with 1 or 100 workers, it is important to get payroll accounting squared away. But finding a payroll software as a new business can be challenging. With the rise of SaaS payroll, most new business owners will […]

The Cons and Pros of an Online Payroll System

An online payroll system can be a great tool for the right company. In some cases, online payroll tools incur a monthly subscription. In other cases, these platforms are free to use. Some new and small businesses may find an online payroll provider useful, but these softwares have certain limitations. For example, if a user […]