Customized W2 Software Solutions

W2/1099 Forms Filer is the primary software program that allows AMS clients to choose modular software that’s tailored to all their W2, 1099, and payroll management needs. No matter what employee, contractor, tax, and payroll services you’re looking for, our W2 software is up to the challenge.

Essential Features from AMS

  • Data Entry: Manual data entry and importing occurs directly on the tax forms, including a Common Payee File that eliminates duplicate entry and lost files. Supports up to 99,999 employees/recipients per payer.
  • Printing: Easy form alignment on pre-printed and software-generated tax forms.
  • 1099/W2 Reports: Print tables and worksheets for both mailed forms and encrypted files for secure electronic records. Reports and forms can be reliably printed in large batches when needed.
  • Supporting Features: Free network installation and multiple PC installation with site license. Offers support for up to 1,999 payers/employers

W2 Software Companions

Our W2 software can be tied to any number of add-on software services for comprehensive tax and payroll accounting solutions. Through sensible product pricing and third-party software services, it’s easy for any company or tax accounting business to implement a data management solution that is both cost- and time-effective.

  • Additional Forms Filers: Beyond basic W2 forms filing, our Forms Filer Plus offers support for federal and state unemployment forms, as well as other 94x filing forms. Likewise, our ACA Filer will make sure your business isn’t thrown for a loop by the new Affordable Care Act reporting requirements. Finally, while certain federal forms are prohibited, our Software Generated Forms will largely eliminate the need to visit the local IRS office or to wait on tax forms to arrive in the mail. In fact, for companies that have no 1099 filing requirements, all your tax forms may be software-generated.
  • Tax Filing Solutions: For businesses looking to e-file their tax returns in addition to managing the forms themselves, AMS offers to two distinct tax filing options. Our E-File Direct software enables you to electronically file an unlimited number of forms for a flat fee. This includes your federal IRS and SSA filing requirements, as well as state W2 filing for those states that mandate businesses file electronically. Alternately, E-File Services connects businesses with third-party software vendors that can e-file your taxes based on per form filing fees. Basic federal electronic filing can cost less than $.50 per form, while more complex 94x forms may cost several dollars per form.
  • Payroll Software: Our W2 software is defined by the convenience and automation of data entry that occurs directly on the relevant tax forms. The AMS Payroll Software offers the increased versatility needed to support more than 30 different types of checks, as well as direct deposit. In fact, with 40 User Defined Fields, you can build a truly custom payroll solution that integrates 401k, health insurance, and other deductions/additions with your W2 filing requirements.