1099 Form Software Features For Every Firm

1099 form software is a collection of software features that are crucial to the success of independent accounting firms, small business owners, and expanding companies. The independent accounting firm can leverage the comprehensive and compatible data management capabilities from AMS to serve a larger number of business clients.
The small business owner, who must take care of every corner of the store on their own, will appreciate the menu-driven format and accessibility. Meanwhile, the expanding business firm will recognize this software as the ideal resource to increase their operational efficiency in coordination with an in-house accounting department.

The AMS W-2/1099 Forms Filer provides a foundational platform from which you can build a custom 1099 software solution. This solution may include any number of 1099 form software modules from AMS, as well as your existing data management resources. Sign up for a free demo or talk to our Sales and Information staff to discover how to implement more versatile employee/non-employee forms filing, payroll processing, and tax returns with AMS.

1099 Form Software Printing

A lot of our business clients want to know if they can get around sending away for forms by printing them on their own. Well, yes and no. the IRS prohibits forms 1096 and 1099 Copy A from being software generated. Other forms may be printed by the business itself, but even then the forms need to be filled out on more than just the back of a napkin. Our Software-Generated Forms provides exactly what you need. This includes a long list of tax forms including W-2 and W-2Cs, W-3 and W-3Cs, 940 and 941 forms. If you’re in charge of payroll and/or tax accounting for a relatively large number of payers/payees, you’ll want to take advantage of our batch printing option. Our software offers near universal compatibility with printer hardware, while the fastest printing times are typically achieved with USB printers.

1099 Tax Filing Services

AMS offers two tax filing options. With our internal software module, E-File Direct, you can do just that—electronically file an unlimited number of tax forms directly with the IRS. Alternately, if you want someone to take care of this filing for you and especially if you have a relatively low number of forms to file, you might consider our third-party service vendor with E-File Services.

1099 Payroll Processing

AMS Payroll is a responsive software tool for any number of payroll processing needs. This module can handle direct deposit and more than 30 different types of checks. All relevant tax and compensation information is automatically saved and ready to import on to your tax forms. This includes both live and after-the-fact payroll. Plus, with 40 user defined fields, you can set up a largely automated payroll system even for custom employee benefits and compensation packages.

More Products and Services from AMS

You can find more specialized 1099 form software with our Affordable Care Act Filer and Forms Filer Plus. Yet, more than just the products, what brings our clients back to AMS year after year is the dependable performance of our software solutions and support services. You can get pretty much all the information you need through our Support Knowledge Base and FAQ section, but if you get stuck, don’t get frustrated. For a quick response, send us an email, call our tech support line, or use our Live Chat when active.