Combining Small Business Payroll Software & W-2/1099 Tax Filing

Small business payroll software is an essential information technology that ensures your payroll operations don’t create any unnecessary headaches. Whether your company prefers direct deposit or any number of check payments, Advanced Micro Solutions can possess your payroll information. Whether you need to file a 940 unemployment tax return, an SUI state form, or any number of supplemental payroll forms, AMS has you covered. And whether you plan to diligently calculate “live” payroll or you’ve been consistently overwhelmed this year and need to catch up with “after-the-fact” payroll, our small business payroll software can accommodate your data collection, organization, and reporting requirements.

Comprehensive Solutions for Small Business Payroll Software

To manage the size of their payroll as well as their personnel needs, many small businesses use both W-2 employees and 1099 contractors. AMS Payroll Software is an amazing product on its own, but it’s when you tie this payroll software to our W-2/1099 filing software that AMS can truly take your payroll and tax accounting efficiency to another level.

This software solution has a number of nifty uses. For example, as small businesses continue to grow, it can become increasingly important to manage the proportion of employees and non-employee contractors. AMS can make this type of business structuring/restructuring a whole lot easier. Our software’s data management tools include a wide range of data import features, as well as its own Common Payee File that eliminates much of the duplicate data entry that can make payroll and tax filing so tedious. Plus, with our 40 User Defined Fields, your company can use AMS software to build and implement a custom payroll and tax filing solution.

Defining Small Business Software and Costs

We work with businesses of all sizes, including tax accounting professionals, but as a guideline, our software supports up to 1,999 payers and up to 9,999 employees per payer. Moreover, with a site license, you can network multiple PCs at your business office as a comprehensive resource for your payroll and accounting professionals.

At the same time, our price structure makes this a cost-effective solution for even the smallest businesses. Our base software program, W-2/1099 Forms Filer, is required, and the addition the AMS Payroll Software module creates a seamless data management solution for all your business’s payroll data management needs.

What AMS can Offer Your Business

Even if you don’t have much need for one of our modular software products this year, the ability to anticipate future payroll and tax filing needs is a huge asset for most businesses, big and small. By working with small business payroll software from AMS, you can respond to these future needs quickly and cost-effectively. Indeed, one of the reasons we like to talk about businesses growing and evolving over time is that our reliable software and service brings our clients back to AMS year after year.

Our versatile solutions provide all the functionality needed for even complex payroll operations—without sacrificing the easy-to-use, menu-driven format that defines our software platform. And just in case you do get stuck somewhere along the line, you can always call in to our tech support line, email your questions, or use our Live Chat during peak times. To learn more about what AMS can do for your business, call our sales and information line at (800) 536-1099.