Do You Have An Option That Contains The 945 And 945A Forms

The 945 and 945-A forms are included in our Forms Filer Plus module. Form 945, also known as the Annual Return of Withheld Federal Income Tax form, is used to report federal income tax on nonpayroll payments. This includes gambling winnings, pensions, military retirement, and backup withholding, among others. By contrast, Form 945-A reports a business’s federal tax liability for a variety of returns. Both can be essential for businesses of all sizes.

The Forms Filer Plus software is a filing module that supports approximately 300 forms. Users can prepare additional payroll related needs on easy-to-read facsimiles of forms on the screen. To use, simply enter your data directly into the sheet and you’re ready to print. This is a useful tool for businesses of all sizes whose filing needs are extend beyond the typical federal payroll forms like Form 944, Form 1040 Sch H, Form 940, and Form 943.

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