How Household Employers Can Create W2 Forms on Your Own

As a household employer, you likely appreciate flexibility to create W2 forms on your own. But you might not know where to start. There are some online options that allow you to create the forms for free. However, those options are not always as reliable as a software tool like AMS. We will explain the options you have for creating W2 forms on your own and explain how a tax software can be useful.



How to Create W2 Forms Online

Anyone who hires household employees is responsible for completing year-end taxes for their staff. The IRS defines household employees as a worker whose employer controls what work they do and how they do it within the employer’s household. These employees require a W2 form when tax season rolls around since the employee is not acting in the role of a contractor.

A simple web search for online W2 forms results in many websites that offer free or low-cost form creations. These websites offer some advantages which make them an appealing option. For example, you can access W2s from the current tax year and from some years back. This is convenient for completing back taxes. Additionally, the online resource hub is very easy to use. All you need to do is enter the employer and employee information like you would normally, and the information populates as you proceed through the process.

Often, to create W2 forms online, you will need to pay per form copy. Some sites also limit you to 4 copies of a form, which could be a problem if you employ more than 4 household employees. There is not broad customer support for these services, either, since you pay little to nothing to use them. You could run into issues with the form or confusion about the information without much help to get you through those obstacles.


Why a Tax Software Tool Can Help Create W2 Forms

In a pinch, online W2 form creation websites are quick and convenient. However, AMS software options offer the same convenience with added, professional support and easy electronic filing capabilities. The E-Filer software module allows household employers to complete their taxes completely online and generate all the necessary forms for their employees. You can choose to electronically file with the IRS or through a third-party service to make filing that much easier.



AMS filing software lets you create individual employee files to help with data information. While our software does charge per form, you save the cost of buying paper forms and sending them via the mail. Additionally, you can access a large database of resources or speak directly to one of our tax experts to walk you through the process.

Our tax software fits seamlessly into your tax preparations and can customize to work with your situation. Download our software demo or talk to our Sales and Information team at (800) 536-1099 to learn more about how our software can help you complete taxes for your household employees.

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