How do I fax a pay stub directly from my computer instead of printing it out and then faxing it?

This is really a function of the fax software that you have installed. That software will install a printer driver that actually sends a fax of the printed document instead of printing normally. The 1099-etc software can print to this type of fax driver, but it has not been tested for compatibility with the soft-fonts that are used to create our tax forms.

To use it, you have to change the printer driver being used to the fax drive within our software and print as usual.

The easiest and most reliable way to do this would be to Print Preview the document on the screen when printing and then choose the print option that is provided at the top of the Print Preview screen. This print option will give you the option of choosing which print driver that you print to, including any installed fax drivers.

Finding and downloading a driver is half the battle when it comes to faxing pay stubs. You’ll need to find a driver that works with your system, and that process will look different depending on the version of Windows you use. FaxAuthority has a couple of great resources for Windows 10 users and Windows 7 users.

If you’re unsure if a fax modem is already installed on your PC, you can check by looking for two side-by-side telephone jacks on the back or side of the computer. In most cases, Windows will automatically detect fax modems and install the correct drivers. If you’re unsure, you can view a list of any fax modems installed in Windows using the Device Manager application.

Sometimes, the more pressing stress is figuring out your state’s specific pay stub requirements. After all, it doesn’t make sense to fax a pay stub if you haven’t included the necessary information. Here is a great resource for figuring out exactly what you need to provide.

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