Error Message About Splash Program

Most Windows machines have a feature called Autorun which will automatically run a program from a CD-Rom that is placed in the CD-Rom drive. The 1099-etc CD-Rom contains a program called SPLASH.EXE that is designed to autorun when you place the 1099-etc installation CD-Rom in your machine. This SPLASH.EXE file uses a function that most but not all versions of Windows have installed.To get around this problem simply click OK to the error message, then click the Windows Start button and select Run. In the run box, type X:SETUP, without quotes, where X is the drive letter of your CD-Rom drive. This will start the installation program manually.If you are unsure of your CD-Rom drive letter, you can find this by double clicking on My Computer, then look for the icon that looks like the 1099-etc icon. Below this icon will be a drive letter. This is your CD-Rom drive.

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