How do I import checks from QuickBooks when the payer has employees in multiple states?

Because you have multiple states for this employer you will need to add a Quicken State for the Employees on the employee’s General Information screen. During your Quickbooks import you will complete Step 2. Import a previously created IIF file for employee information. If employees only have one statequit out of the import and Edit each Employee as follows:Click Input> highlight an Employee>Edit and enterthe Quicken State on the General Information screen. For example: State A00=OK, State B00=MO, and State C00=KS (and there are no local taxes). If the Employee pays State Taxes to Kansas, their Quicken State would be C00, if they pay State Taxes to Oklahoma their Quicken State is A00, and if they pay State Taxes to Missouri, their Quicken State is B00.

Once all the Employees have been edited, go back to the import and complete the import by doing Step 3 "Import a previously created TAB file for transaction information".If the employee has more than one state, you will need to setup the Quicken State as the default state and then edit the State Code on the Checks for the other states.

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