How do I enter multiple states in the AMS Payroll program?

1. Open AMS Payroll to the desired payer.
2. Click Payer>Payer Edit>State/Local Edit. Click on the New tab

This will create a new State/Local Edit screen with a new letter designation. (i.e. A, B,C, etc…) Simply enter the abbreviation of the new state you wish to add.

Now when you enter payroll checks make sure you use the new state’s letter designation for the “State Code”. See the Help section in the 1099-etc software for more information on entering payroll.

There are a few reasons why employers might need to enter multiple states in the AMS Payroll program. Perhaps the business changed locations during the year, and you now need to abide by a different set of state withholding tax laws. Maybe you conducted business in a separate state and need to file accordingly. Regardless, using the “State Code” designation is an easy way to toggle between locations no matter how often you have to use it.

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