I have an employee that needs to report taxes for 3 or more Locals on one check. How do I set this up in AMS Payroll?

A User Defined Field is required if you wish to report taxes for three or more locals on a single check. Some special settings must be entered to make this happen. At the AMS Payroll Menu, select Payer>Payer Edit>User Defined Fields.
First, double-click ona blankline and selectTemplates on the User Defined Fields Edit screen. Highlight Other Local Withholding, click Select>Apply>OK. Now on the User Defined Field screen, the W-2 or 1099 Box#field will begin with an X, followed by the State/Local code for the third local withholding. For example, enter XA3, which will attribute these wages to State A, Local #3.

The Calculating Code must be set to X. These X’s indicate to the program that this field requires special handling.

Finally, the Percentage is entered as the appropriate Tax Table number (1 through 9).

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