Do We Need The Red Inked Forms To Produce 1099 A

Yes, the red form is required for Copy A of the 1099. Copy A is printed in red because it prevents duplication. This is one of the more important copies of the 1099 because it goes to the IRS.

Most businesses will need to make all five copies of the 1099. For a quick refresher, here are the copy titles and where they should be distributed.

Copy A – Goes to the IRS

Copy 1 – Goes to the state tax agency

Copy 2 – Goes to the recipient

Copy B – Goes to the recipient

Copy C – Stays with the employer for record keeping. We recommend holding onto records for at least three years, which is when the statute of limitations expires.

This might seem like a lot of copies, but we promise that they each have a purpose. The recipient gets two copies so that they can keep one for their records.


Where to Obtain Red 1099 Forms

When filing Copy A of the 1099, you will need to source the red ink forms. We do not sell them ourselves. That said, we highly recommend purchasing your copies from Nelco. They can be reached online or at 800-266-4669. Filers can also typically access these 1099 copies at most office supply stores, but call ahead if you’re planning to buy.

If you order red 1099 forms online, do so prior to tax season. Understandably, these companies become very busy as the 1099 filing deadline approaches. The earlier you have your red 1099 form, the less likely you’ll be rushing toward the finish line.



And, as always, make sure you have your tax filing software ready to go before tax season approaches. If you’re filing 1099s, our W-2/1099 Forms Filer is the best place to start.

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