Top Payroll Systems of 2023: Advanced Micro Solutions

The top payroll systems for 2023 include a combination of SaaS cloud-based options and more budget-friendly disc-based tools. While there are many differences between these top systems, there are just as many similarities. Understanding what these payroll systems have in common is the key to making a good decision for your business. If you’re researching […]

3 Drawbacks of an Integrated HR Payroll System

If your business uses an integrated HR payroll system, you might be looking for an alternative. Increasingly, popular accounting tools are adding an HR integration element to standard payroll software. This can be a benefit to some companies. But, for most, it is an irritating inconvenience. HR and payroll are discrete functions that require different […]

Hospitality Payroll Software from Advanced Micro Solutions

Hospitality payroll software is an important tool for hotels and restaurants. Hospitality payroll can be incredibly challenging. With different types of workers, complicated tax responsibilities, and a penchant for seasonal hires, hospitality accounting is complicated. The key to solving this issue? A user-friendly payroll software. Advanced Micro Solutions offers an intuitive payroll tool perfect for […]

Finding the Best Payroll Computer Software for Your Business

Payroll computer software is among the first purchases you should make as a new business. Whether you’re starting with 1 or 100 workers, it is important to get payroll accounting squared away. But finding a payroll software as a new business can be challenging. With the rise of SaaS payroll, most new business owners will […]

The Best Small Business Accounting and Payroll Software for Your Budget

Small business accounting and payroll software shouldn’t break your budget. Accounting tools are essential in the early days of a small business, but they are often inaccessible. If you’re looking for a payroll and accounting software to meet your needs, Advanced Micro Solutions can help. AMS designs user-friendly software tools for small businesses. Our accounting […]

The Best Payroll System for Small Business Needs – 2023

The best payroll system for small businesses can change from year to year. With new technologies and payment structures, some businesses might be on the hunt for a new payroll provider in 2023. If you’re considering updating your payroll and accounting systems, here’s what you need to know – from how to choose the program […]

Do Your Own Payroll with Simple Payroll Software for Small Businesses

Simple payroll software for small business can support faster and more efficient accounting. Whether you’re a new business or making the transition to payroll software, it is essential to find a user-friendly tool. Unfortunately, many of the popular products available come with unnecessary and complicated features. Plus, most of these popular tools require a monthly […]

The Best Hotel Payroll Systems for Hospitality Accounting

Hotel payroll systems don’t need to be complicated to get the job done. The hospitality industry can have a complex worker structure. Most hotels work with a combination of full-time, part-time, and contracted workers. Still, everyone from the front desk workers to the Friday musical entertainment needs to be paid, both correctly and on time. […]

Do I Need Payroll Software for 1 Employee?

Payroll software for 1 employee might sound pointless, but it’s an important investment for a small business. Yes, you will still need to run payroll for a single employee. However, most small business owners opt to do manual payroll until they have enough employees to warrant a payroll software. While this might seem like the […]

Payroll Software for Medium-Sized Businesses with AMS

Payroll software for medium-sized business can be surprisingly difficult to research. If you’ve spent time searching for popular and user-friendly payroll tools, you’ve likely encountered lists that target both small and large businesses. But medium-sized companies sit at an interesting juncture. They want scalable software tools, but they need more support than a business with […]