Do Small Businesses Need Payroll for Bookkeepers?

Finding comprehensive payroll for bookkeepers is an important step for all small businesses. An automated system that enables your bookkeeper to efficiently produce invoices and collect payments is necessary. Bookkeepers should also possess the ability to prepare you for all of the approaching tax deadlines and process your payroll. Consider all of the ways that […]

Mistakes to Avoid with Payroll Processing for Accountants

Avoid overlooking useful tools as you search for payroll processing for accountants. Affordable and automated systems streamline weekly tasks for accountants who manage multiple clients. Simplify your work rather than adding more steps to it. A vendor offering accounting and payroll processing features for accountants is highly beneficial. It may make sense to explore additional […]

When to Use 941 Amended Form

Not all businesses use a 941 amended form for tax periods. Employers should still understand why they might need them. Use Form 941 to record your business’s payroll tax liabilities and deposits. File the forms on a quarterly basis to stay compliant with the Internal Revenue Service regulations. The IRS references your 941 forms to […]

Form MW-507 Help: Managing Maryland Payroll

Employers must familiarize themselves with relevant state withholding form requirements, which may mean seeking MW-507 help. Collect all employee MW-507 forms so you can fully set up your Maryland payroll. Make sure all employees complete the mandatory Form MW-507. You need the form in order to calculate the estimated income tax that you withhold from […]

What is Good Payroll Software for Independent Contractors?

Hiring 1099 workers for your small business requires investing in trustworthy payroll software for independent contractors. Different businesses have unique quality software requirements. Some businesses may experience issues with software scalability. Other businesses may face sudden integration issues or dislike rigid payment options. Whether your business’s software does not meet your needs or you want […]

Who Needs 1095-C Software?

Employers must prioritize knowing if they need 1095-C software support. Remind yourself of the purpose of Form 1095-C. You will have a much easier time as you determine your business’s software needs moving forward. As a refresher — Form 1095-C includes the health insurance coverage information that an employer offered and if each employee enrolled […]

What Makes the Best Payroll for Bookkeepers?

Utilizing the best payroll for bookkeepers is essential for all businesses. Managing the books not only helps keep businesses afloat but fully on track. Knowing that the business’s numbers are up-to-date and accurate helps employers ensure payroll tax compliance. Some employers will choose to outsource for bookkeeping services. Yet they can choose to invest in […]

How to Calculate Medicare Tax with Payroll Software

Learning how to calculate Medicare tax and additional deductions is simpler when you invest in automated processing tools. Knowing which taxes make up the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) is the first step. Different rates apply for old-age, survivors, and disability insurance taxes. The Medicare tax rate remains consistent unless the government decides to alter […]

Is Cheap Payroll Software for Accountants Reliable?

Finding affordable tools with cheap payroll software for accountants helps make running client payroll more manageable. You may find that the process requires some patience. Perhaps you currently possess comprehensive software, but you have too many extra tools that you do not need. Maybe your software is affordable, but it lacks the fundamental payroll management […]

What Determines an Employer’s Payroll Tax Deposit Schedule?

Understanding what determines an employer’s payroll tax deposit schedule is crucial for small business owners. Depositing your federal payroll taxes by the established deadline helps make sure that your business meets the Internal Revenue Service’s expectations. First things first, determine your payroll tax deposit schedule based on the size of your company’s payroll. There are […]