Manage Caregiver Pay with Household Employment Software

Caregiver pay is one of those odd employment situations that can be overlooked by many household employees/employers when the work first begins. It’d be nice to think that—with a noble profession like caregiving and with a household that has an obvious need for personal care—things like payroll and income taxes simply don’t apply. But that’s […]

Paying a Caregiver: Payroll & Household Employment Software

There are any number of factors that can come into play when paying a caregiver for home health care. Very different wage expectations exist for basic home health aides and licensed nursing professionals. There’s a big cost difference between as-needed, all-day, round-the-clock, and live-in care services. Then, there’s also a wide range of personal factors. […]

How to Hire a Butler and Prepare for Butler Wages

If you’re thinking about hiring a butler, know that you’re not crazy. It’s easy to suppose that butlery is a rare and antiquated profession, but that’s anything but the case. There are several thousand butlers working in the U.S. as well as millions around the world. What has changed, especially in the developed world, is […]

Hiring a Personal Chef? Know Your Obligations as an Employer

When you hire a personal chef, there’s a good chance that you’ll be doing it in a traditional employee-employer relationship. It’s one thing if you’re getting a commercially available prepped food delivery service, but a personal chef is more likely going to take your individual instructions in terms of how, when, and what to prepare […]

Benefits and Limits of a Free Applicant Tracking System

A free applicant tracking system is easy to find. There are more than a dozen such products out there in one form or another. If you’re trying to keep a lid on your hiring costs and HR budget, you can look to take advantage of one of these free software options. The problem is wading […]

Personal and Household Bookkeeping Software for Your Employee

Personal bookkeeping software is available with a wide variety of features and goals. Quicken, for example, is one of the most popular choices for personal finance and household bookkeeping software. This type of software can integrate your bills and accounts so you can track every household transaction and match it against your preset budget allocations […]

Reporting Tip Income with Form 8027 Software

If you’re an experienced restaurant manager/owner, you’re probably already aware that reporting tip income is mandated by the IRS. But what you may be learning about and preparing for the first time is the actual filing form that documents these food and beverage receipts and tips. Even long-time restaurant owners may be relatively unfamiliar with […]

Crop Management Software with Support for Agricultural Employment

For all your cost-per-acre metrics for seed, fertilizer, chemicals, labor, and equipment, crop management software is going to help you quickly and reliably see how your crop and farm is currently performing. Better yet, it can help you make better strategic decisions for the future of your agricultural business. You can’t control the weather, but […]

Household Employee Tax and Form Filing Software

The household employee tax isn’t all that different from other types of employee payroll taxes. You, the employer, and your household worker, the employee, will be responsible for paying federally-mandated FICA taxes, which is 15.3% of the employee’s wages. There may also be applicable local and state payroll taxes. What is different are the forms […]

Get Better Software for Your Household Employee Payroll

Household employee payroll is not in itself especially complicated. At least not compared to other types of payroll processing. If you pay wages of $2,000 or more to any one household employee, then you are required to withhold 7.65% of the employee pay for FICA taxes, while also paying another 7.65% of the wages for […]