Tips for Managing Construction Time Tracking for 2023

Search early on for ease of use when you invest in 2023 construction time tracking software. A user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation tools allow construction company team members to adapt to a program without extensive and resource-draining training. Do not underestimate the importance of robust reporting capabilities or reliable compliance features. A big part of […]

AMS Payroll for One Employee Makes Your Life Easier

Payroll for one employee might sound simple, but it can be stressful to keep track of everything you need. Tax software helps keep one less task on your small business’s to-do list.     Do I Need to File Payroll For One Employee? You will still file payroll taxes if your small business employs a […]

How to Calculate Withholding Tax as an Employer or Employee

Both employees and employers may be interested in how to calculate withholding tax for their paychecks. And while the same basic information and calculations apply, there are very different priorities and planning involved for each party. Long story short, employees are most often concerned with making sure their end-of-year tax returns do not leave them […]

1099 vs. W-2 Pay Difference Calculator

A 1099 vs W2 pay difference calculator can be a great tool for employers and hiring managers. It is also important to put these pay conversions in the larger context of your business structure and employment practices. When it comes to hiring workers as 1099 contractors or W-2 employees, assessing all the labor costs and […]

Think about Software when Hiring a Gardener or Groundskeeper

The decision to hire a gardener or groundskeeper is principally about finding someone who has a green thumb, basic landscaping skills, and the underlying botanical knowledge to take the vision you have for your property and turn it into a reality. However, like most everything in today’s economy, both finding these services and delivering the […]

Know this about Housekeeping Wages when Hiring a Maid

When you’re hiring a maid, you’ll first have to ask yourself what sort of housekeeping service you’re looking for. Commercial housekeeping services that use their own cleaning supplies and methods are classified as independent businesses that charge flat-fee rates for their service. Nevertheless, many households are looking for the extra attention and control that comes […]

What is an Independent Home Health Aide?

An independent home health aide is a professional caregiver who chooses to offer their home care services outside the organizational structure of a home health agency. There are a number of reasons that a home health aide (HHA) may look to avoid agency-based employment. Greater independence with fewer hoops to jump through to maintain a […]

Employee Record Keeping Software and Archived Employee Files

Employee record keeping is one of those essential, if tedious, tasks. To comply with state and federal employment laws and to protect your company against potential lawsuits, business owners would do well to ensure that these records are secure and well organized. Under the guidance of their professional accountant, many small businesses maintain comprehensive employee […]

Employee Record Retention and Records Retention Schedule

Employee record retention is a huge accounting task for small businesses and other employers. It’s not just a matter of best business practices. You’re legally required to maintain certain employee and payroll records and failure to do so can leave you vulnerable to any number of lawsuits and legal liability. And more than just throwing […]

How to Hire a Housekeeper and Budget for a Private Housekeeper Salary

Hiring a housekeeper is a game-changer for many households with a good amount of disposable income, too little time in their schedule, and a strong interest in keeping their house looking its best. The thing is that even people who recognize a private housekeeper is likely the best solution for their household needs can get […]