Finding the Best Tax Filing Software for 2023 Forms

No business is too large or small when it comes to needing comprehensive tax filing software for 2023 reports. Vendors do not create all software the same way. Identify your business’s tax software requirements before you invest in your first or a new program. An ideal program will allow you to meet your company’s current […]

How Tax Software Keeps Davis-Bacon Act Compliance for 2023

Maintain your business’s Davis-Bacon Act compliance for 2023 projects by using the best tax and accounting software. You already know that employing government contractors means you must handle unique regulations for your business. How you manage the payroll and bids differs from businesses in other industries. You also know the importance of staying compliant with […]

How to Maintain Compliance with 2023 Labor Laws

Stay aware and in compliance with 2023 labor laws for the 2023 tax year with comprehensive accounting and payroll software. The federal government and all 50 states regularly make changes and updates to labor laws. Your business does not need to struggle to maintain compliance. Whether you stay vigilant or create checklists, implement day-to-day steps […]

Why Small Businesses Need IRS Compliance Software for 2023

Small business owners understand the importance of investing in IRS compliance software for the 2023 tax year. The best compliance software provides businesses with up-to-date tax information for specific states and regions. Large businesses must stay compliant, but they can often handle the penalty fees if they make an error during a tax season. Invest […]

How to Report Bonus on Tax Return: A Guide

Many employers issue annual bonuses to their employees and must know how to report bonus on tax return forms. Reporting bonuses requires all parties to understand their role. An employer typically reports bonuses that they paid to an employee in Box 1 of a W-2 form. Keep in mind that employers may issue bonuses in […]

The Overall Best Accounting Software for 1099 Contractors

The best accounting software for 1099 contractors looks different for every person. However, there are several features you’ll need to prioritize as somebody who is self-employed. From tax estimations and 1099 forms to electronic filing and affordable customization, the best software for 1099 workers shares core characteristics you won’t want to miss.     With […]

The Best Church Accounting Software with Payroll Management

Church accounting software with payroll must meet specific non-profit organization needs. Most church accounting tools provide specialized options for managing funds, donations, church expenses, and tax-related reporting. Additionally, churches work with a combination of part-time employees and contractors. If you do accounting for a church, you’ll need a comprehensive tool that both supports workers and […]

The Best Accounting Software for Independent Contractors

The best accounting software for independent contractors gives entrepreneurs the tools they need to get organized. These tools will be affordable, modular, and tailored to everything a contractor needs in daily accounting. But finding tools to fit these needs can be difficult. In most cases, software is designed for small businesses – not independent operators. […]

Choosing the Best Accounting Software for Small Business With Payroll Features

Selecting the best accounting software for small businesses with payroll features takes time. Small business owners can successfully run a business by investing in a reliable accounting program. These programs vary in size and capabilities, making the product decision extremely important to day-to-day operations. Before investing in a program, ensure that you consider the most […]

Software Tools Can Help with Printing Tax Forms 

While employers can electronically file most tax forms, they need a tax software capable of printing tax forms for certain documents. Businesses can order blank forms from the IRS or invest in a tax software that can generate the forms electronically. To ensure the IRS accepts the forms you print, employers need to understand the […]