The Ohio Employer Resource Information Center (ERIC)

The Ohio Employer Resource Information Center, known colloquially as ERIC, is an excellent first stop for employers entering tax season. ERIC is a self-service unemployment compensation tax system that employers can use to register for new account numbers, access new and existing accounts, file quarterly reports, make payments, and do anything necessary to manage an account. Third-party administrators (TPAs) can also use the website to get new account numbers, obtain web access, and manage multiple accounts from a single login. This is an excellent resource for employers looking to streamline their unemployment compensation tax payments.

The Ohio Employer Resource Information Center is a great place to manage your account. Here are a few important actions you can take while on the site.

New Employer Registration in Ohio

New businesses can register as employers through ERIC. Obtaining this registration is an essential part of setting up a business in Ohio; under the Ohio Unemployment Law, most employers are liable to pay unemployment tax. Without this registration, you will not be able to report wages paid to employees on a quarterly basis. The process itself is simple and straightforward, requiring information about yourself and the business you plan to open. Once you register as a new employer, you will need to submit a Quarterly Tax Return each quarter. Below, we have included the due dates for Ohio quarterly filings.

  • First Quarter – April 30
  • Second Quarter – July 31
  • Third Quarter – October 31
  • Fourth Quarter – January 31


Ohio Tax Reporting and Related Forms

Like most states, Ohio has a range of required forms to report taxes. A list of popular Ohio tax reporting and related forms can be found on the state’s Department of Job and Family Services website. As a small business, you should familiarize yourself with the JFS-20125, also known as the Unemployment Contribution Quarterly Tax Return. If you have had no employees and paid no wages for any calendar quarter, you can file your Quarterly Contribution and Wage Report by telephone at 866-448-2829.


Ohio Employer Tax Information

Part of becoming a small business owner is understanding the tax and wage reporting process. If you’re new to this, you’re probably looking for Ohio employer tax information. Luckily, Ohio’s Department of Job and Family Services provides a comprehensive list of forms and processes you might need to undertake along the way. Most of this information will take you to the Ohio Employer Resource Information Center, where you’ll be provided with step-by-step instructions for obtaining the require accounts and forms.


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