File PA UC-2, PA UC-2A, and PC UC-2B with Our Payroll Software

Filing taxes is a pain for any Pennsylvania business. When it comes to unemployment compensation, the bevy of form necessary is enough to give anyone a headache. You need a program to support your tax reporting and filing needs, and AMS is here to help. We are proud to offer a comprehensive range of advanced tax reporting and payroll software features perfect for you and your business.

PA UC-2, PA UC-2A, and PC UC-2B: What You Need to Know

PA UC-2, PA UC-2A, and PA UC-2B are variations on the state’s Unemployment Compensation Quarterly Tax Forms. The UC-2 is the employer’s report for unemployment compensation, the UC-2A (and supplement) is the quarterly report of wages paid to each employee, and the UC-2B is the report of employment and business changes.

So what does this mean? Each form tackles a separate aspect of unemployment compensation and information. While the PA UC-2 is used to report gross and taxable wages, the UC-2A provides employee information, such as social security number, name, gross wages earned, and credit weeks. Then, the PA UC-2B is used to update any information included in the UC-2A. Essentially, three forms and a supplement must be completed in order to file unemployment compensation. If this sounds like it will take a lot of time, you’re right.

Advanced Micro Solutions has the software necessary to streamline and expedite unemployment compensation reporting and filing. Our Forms Filer Plus includes all necessary PA UC forms.

Versatile Filing Support

For Keystone businesses of nearly any size or industry, we more than likely have the solution you’ve been looking for. If you need simple filing support, such as with your W-3 (Quarterly Return of Withholding Tax), 1667 (W-2 Transmittal), UC-2 (Report for Unemployment Compensation), or UC-2A (Quarterly Report of Employee Wages), AMS Payroll will do the trick. If your tax filing needs are more complex, you may want to consider purchasing our Forms Filer Plus. This program supports the following forms:

  • Employment and Business Changes (UC-2B)
  • Corrected Wages Paid to Employees (UC-2AX)
  • Correction of Unemployment Compensation (UC-2X)
  • Deposit Statement of Withholding Tax (501)
  • W-1 Transmittal (1667)
  • Annual Reconciliation of Wage Tax (Philadelphia)
  • Quarterly Reconciliation of Local Services Tax (LST)

You may need PA UC-2 support, or maybe help with PA UC-2A. Need help filing UC-2B? Our Forms Filer Plus is the product for you, but it all starts with our Forms Filer platform:

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AMS accounting software operates on a modular design. Put simply, this means that you can pick and choose the products you need in order to customize the software for your business. Our W-2/1099 Forms Filer is our required platform, and it includes basic tax reporting support. For additional filing support, especially with Unemployment Compensation, our Forms Filer Plus is the add-on for you. Need payroll support software? We have that too at a low price of . See below for our full catalogue of products:

  • 1099 & W2 Software
  • Payroll Software
  • Software-Generated Forms
  • E-File Direct
  • Affordable Care Act Filer
  • Forms Filer Plus

Software Solutions from AMS

Our W-2 and 1099 Forms Filer is our only required platform. From there, users pick the services they need. Choose from the tools below to build out your customized accounting software.