Streamline Your Oregon Payroll with AMS Software

If you’re running a small business, finding the best payroll software is probably not urgent. However, by prioritizing this piece of the puzzle, you can both alleviate stress and streamline the process. You need a program to suit your Oregon-specific needs, and Advanced Micro Solutions is here to help. We offer a comprehensive range of advanced payroll software features and programs perfect for streamlining your process. From state-specific and federal form support to extensive data management and check printing features, our software will solve your Oregon payroll needs.

Oregon Payroll is Easy with State Form Support

Payroll is never a one-size-fits-all solution. Employers must handle a range of withholding tasks, quarterly and annual reporting, and the calculations themselves. Moreover, there’s no real substitute for familiarizing yourself with the rules and regulations issued directly from the state. That said, our software streamlines the process by including everything you need for an efficient payroll system—including state-specific forms. Our Oregon payroll forms are hosted on both AMS Payroll Software and our popular Forms Filer Plus.

Available on both AMS Payroll and our Forms Filer Plus—

  • Form WR; Annual W/H Tax Report
  • Form OA; Domestic Annual Tax Report
  • Form OQ; Quarterly Tax Report
  • OQ (Schedule B); State Withholding Tax
  • Form 132; Employee Detail Report
  • Domestic Form 132; Employee Detail Report

If you own a small business, you likely want withholding tax support. Likewise, you may need assistance with federal forms when the annual tax deadline rolls around. No matter your accounting or Oregon payroll needs, Advanced Micro Solutions has the answer. Our product to solve all wage withholding and payroll-related stresses you may encounter.

Our Payroll Software is Comprehensive and Effective

AMS Payroll is the optimal choice for accountants and small business owners looking for wage reporting and Oregon payroll support. This comprehensive product includes everything you need—from a check-printing feature to reporting. See below for software highlights:

  • Payroll Reporting—A payroll software is rendered useless when it does not include reporting support. Our software supports a range of federal payroll forms, including the 941, 940, 943, 944, and 1040 SchH. You will also get all Oregon-specific forms we offer, including Form WR, Form OA, and Form OQ.
  • Check Printing—We offer support for over thirty types of checks. This product will also streamline direct deposit processing. You can print checks both individually or by date range, streamlining the process as a whole.

Love Our Software? Check Out These Additional Products

Our accounting software utilizes a modular system, meaning you can build out from the required platform to create the product you need. Our required W-2/1099 Filer includes a range of necessary federal forms. If you need something more specific, we have the product to help. Below is our list of additional add-on products and their corresponding prices.

  • 1099 & W2 Software
  • Payroll Software
  • Software-Generated Forms
  • E-File Direct
  • Affordable Care Act Filer
  • Forms Filer Plus

If you have any questions, we encourage customers to call our Sales and Information team at 800-536-1099. Still unsure about your purchase? Take us for a test drive. We have made AMS Payroll available online in the form of a free, downloadable demo.

Software Solutions from AMS

Our W-2 and 1099 Forms Filer is our only required platform. From there, users pick the services they need. Choose from the tools below to build out your customized accounting software.