Finish Your North Carolina Semiweekly Filer Forms with AMS

Filing tax and wage forms is stressful for any employer but submitting payments semiweekly puts most on a fast-track to burnout. If you’re completing North Carolina semiweekly filer forms without software assistance, you’re likely wasting time, money, and patience. With the help of a simple, semi-automated tool, North Carolina employers can finish these pesky forms with just a few clicks. The trick? Keeping accurate and updated payroll information. This is exactly what AMS can do for you.


NC-5P, NC-5PX, and NC-5Q

There are three North Carolina semiweekly filer forms: the NC-5P, NC-5PX, and NC-5Q. The NC-5P is the withholding payment voucher, and employers need only to include basic personal data, their account ID, and the amount of payment. The NC-5PX, the Amended Withholding Payment Voucher, is helpful if you underpaid for a previous period. If you notice a miscalculation in a former NC-5P, or if the state lets you know, this quick for allows you to pay the difference. Finally, the NC-5Q is the Quarterly Income Tax Withholding Return. Though filed on a quarterly basis, this is required of all semiweekly withholding filers. If your calculations are accurate, you should only need to file the NC-5P semiweekly.

Unfortunately, things can go wrong with even the simplest calculations. It happens to everyone, and if you’re a small business filing semiweekly, you’re probably stretched too thin to spend a lot of time on these forms. Though the NC-5PX is helpful for correcting your previous payment, you should be able to pay the correct amount every time. This is how AMS can help.


Get the AMS Advantage

AMS supports most iterations of the NC-5, including NC-5Q, NC-5Q2, NC-5, NC-5P, and NC-3. When it comes to North Carolina semiweekly filer forms, either our Forms Filer Plus or AMS Payroll will do the trick. The Forms Filer Plus module is a comprehensive and efficient filing tool perfect for frequent tax and wage reporting. Employers enter data directly onto a facsimile of the form and print directly from the software. This is a great option for employers and accountants who need a strategy for quickly preparing and filing forms.

AMS W2 and 1099 Software, however, has several additional features to make your North Carolina semiweekly filer forms fast and easy. As indicated by the suite of titles, each of the North Carolina semiweekly filer forms requires employers to calculate withholding tax. If you complete payroll calculations manually, this can be a big issue; your calculations could be off, you might not have updated records, and you might forget to include a paycheck. These issues are nonexistent with our payroll software.

AMS Payroll allows employers to automatically calculate federal, state, and local taxes, withhold these funds from employee paychecks, and store that data in a back-end data hosting feature. When it comes time to file and report, you need only to check how much you’ve withheld for your designated period. This saves time and ensures your numbers are accurate before you file. With us, you won’t have to file NC-5PX again – your numbers and calculations will be accurate the first time you file.


Software Solutions from AMS

Our W-2 and 1099 Forms Filer is our only required platform. From there, users pick the services they need. Choose from the tools below to build out your customized accounting software.