Submitting Your Montana Withholding Payment Voucher with AMS

Most employers in the state of Montana will need to withhold some form of tax from employee income. While keeping track of this data may be difficult, the state makes it relatively easy for employers to complete this process. The Montana Withholding Payment Voucher, also called Form MW-1, allows business owners and Human Resource professionals to quickly and easily submit withholding payments. Employers can choose to file online or by check, and the only information they need to include is the amount paid, an account ID, the period end date, and simple contact information.

While the process of filling out the Montana Withholding Payment Voucher may be fast, employers will need to perform a number of calculations to determine the amount of tax they will need to withhold and pay. Without a user-friendly tax software, this task is nearly insurmountable; you will need to complete the calculations necessary for each employee, for each paycheck, and record all data for the applicable period. If this sounds like a lot of time, you’re right – it is.

Luckily, tools are available to make the process easier. Advanced Micro Solutions creates accounting products designed with Montana small businesses in mind. Rather than wasting time and money performing countless calculations, invest in AMS today.


AMS Payroll is the Product for Form MW-1 Support

The best way to quickly determine how much you need to withhold from employee paychecks is to keep accurate and updated data. The process starts with investing in a semi-automated payroll software. This tool will allow you to calculate appropriate withholding, store the data, and apply it to your Montana Withholding Tax Payment Voucher. It’s that simple.

Combining your withholding calculations with payroll is the first step to efficiency, but you need to choose a software that works for your business. AMS Payroll and our 1099 software have everything you need. This tool will automatically calculate federal, state, and local payroll taxes, allowing you to quickly perform necessary wage calculations. The back-end data hosting feature will store essential figures until tax filing season, and users can electronically file 941, 944, and 940 forms, providing additional convenience.

Once the necessary calculations are made, users can file your Montana Withholding Payment Voucher from the software itself. This tool can calculate, store, and apply all essential data for a variety of Montana-specific forms. If you’re looking for a system update, AMS Payroll is the solution.


Upgrading Your Payroll with AMS

We understand that updating a payroll system is a big step for most small businesses, especially in Montana. While you might be ready to buy AMS Payroll, we want you to be confident in your decision. To aid your choice, we have made our software available online in the form of a free, downloadable demo. This free trial will allow you to see exactly how our software functions, test the features, browse the interface, and import data to see if it provides exactly what you need. If you have any questions, please call our Sales and Information team at 800-536-1099. When you’re ready to purchase, you can do so at any time and from anywhere.

Often, seeking Montana Annual Withholding Tax Reconciliation support is a symptom of a larger problem: an outdated payroll system. AMS has the product to bring your small business up to speed.

Software Solutions from AMS

Our W-2 and 1099 Forms Filer is our only required platform. From there, users pick the services they need. Choose from the tools below to build out your customized accounting software.