Michigan Form 1020 is Fast and Easy with AMS Payroll

Filing quarterly taxes is a time-consuming process, but most businesses are required to stick to this strict schedule. Michigan-based companies likely need to complete Michigan form 1020—the Quarterly Tax Report. This form is used to report figures related to taxes and generated income. You will need to supply information regarding gross wages, excess wages, taxable wages, and taxes due. You must also provide the number of employees who worked or received pay during the three-month period. To that end, you must include detailed information for each employee on the concomitant Michigan Form 1017.

If your business is a two-person operation, Michigan Form 1020 and 1017 are easy. If your small business is expanding or has more than a handful of employees, the process if long and information-heavy. You need a data-based solution to more easily store and access information relating to your generated funds and employees. This type of information is already available through payroll, but few products combine data management with standard payroll processes. Luckily, this is exactly what Advanced Micro Solution (AMS) can provide. Our modular accounting and payroll products are built on our powerful and versatile platform software.


Finding the Perfect Product

Michigan form 1020 requires broader information about your fiscal quarter—how much gross funds were generated, how much you owe in taxes, and how many employees you have. Michigan Form 1017 expands on that information, requiring data for each employee—their work status, SSN, full name, and gross wages paid. In combining your payroll software with a tax filing product, you can easily generate, store, and access this information. This is the function of AMS Payroll Software . The back-end data hosting feature will allow you to enter essential employee information, then use it to track wages, print checks, and file/report quarterly and end-of-year taxes.


Getting the Michigan Support You Need

If your business is looking for Form 1020 support, you’re likely in need of additional calculation help. Advanced Micro Solutions is proud to support several additional Michigan-specific tax and wage forms. The following are available through our AMS Payroll software: 

  • UIA 1028; Employer’s Quarterly Wage/Tax Report
  • 1020; Quarterly Tax Report
  • 1017; Quarterly Wage Detail Report 

Additionally, our Forms Filer Plus supports a few additional Michigan forms. If you need help with the following calculations, this product add-on will provide the aid you need. In addition to the three previous forms, the Forms Filer Plus includes:

  • 1601; Combined Return for Taxes
  • 1651; Annual Sales/Use & W/H Return

The AMS Catalogue

Our products operate on a modular system, meaning each software is compatible with others from our catalogue. If you want support for both Michigan form 1020 and the 1601 form, pairing AMS Payroll and the Forms Filer Plus is easy and efficient. Additionally, we offer a range of products to support any and all tax/wage-related needs. See below for our full catalogue.

No matter your accounting software needs, AMS has the answer.

Software Solutions from AMS

Our W-2 and 1099 Forms Filer is our only required platform. From there, users pick the services they need. Choose from the tools below to build out your customized accounting software.