Kansas Payroll is More Than a Calculator with AMS

Payroll software is an important tool for every business. It calculates wages, prints checks, and—ideally—supports direct deposit processing. However, your Kansas payroll system should also work for you during tax season, especially when it comes to state-specific forms like the K CNS 100. Rather than referencing the Kansas Unemployment Insurance Employer Handbook for every calculation, your payroll software should do the heavy-lifting for you. Advanced Micro Solutions can provide the payroll system you need.

We provide a way to easily customize your tax and payroll software to suit your business’s specific needs. Our range of effective and user-friendly accounting software products are perfect for streamlining your financial processes. From payroll to your UI returns, AMS does it all.

Unemployment Insurance is an important financial system; it is credited with reducing the severity of recessions and other economic fluctuations that may create involuntary unemployment. Kansas employers are required to complete K CNS 100, the Quarterly Wage and Unemployment Return, each year in order to contribute to the fund. Unfortunately, the form is long, labor-intensive, and confusing. This is the exact type of problem AMS can address through an advanced Kansas payroll system.

Our Kansas-Specific Support

AMS provides everything you need in a Kansas payroll system—from check printing features to back-end data management and support. Far more than a number-crunching software, AMS Payroll Software  provides the support you need for quarterly and end-of-year reporting. Notably, this includes aid for your Quarterly Wage and Unemployment Return.

Additionally, employers can create up to forty user-defined fields, automatic payroll calculations, and allowances—all designed to suit your individual needs. If you need Kansas-specific help, such as with the notoriously tricky K CNS 100, we support several forms. These are split between AMS Payroll and our Forms Filer Plus. We have listed the breakdown below.

Included with both AMS Payroll and our Forms Filer Plus—

  • K CNS 100; Quarterly Wage and Unemployment Return
  • K CNS 101; Supplemental 

Available only on Forms Filer Plus—

  • KW-3; Annual W/H Return
  • KW 5; W/H Tax Deposit

However, if you need support for KW-3 or KW 5 in addition to a complete payroll solution, don’t fret—our software products work on a modular system. Put simply, you can add the Forms Filer Plus to your AMS Payroll purchase, and the products will work together seamlessly to prepare the necessary forms.

Getting Started

To help you make a better, more informed business purchase, we have made our software available online. Taking the form of a free, downloadable demo, this opportunity is perfect for understanding the ways in which our software can aid your business’s financial processes. The demo is designed to illustrate how simple and effective an accounting product can be.

When you are ready to make your purchase, you can do so from anywhere and at any time. If you have any additional product-related questions, such as with our 1099 software, we recommend reaching out to our Sales and Information team at 800-536-1099. Whether you need a better Kansas payroll system or support for your K CNS 100, AMS is here to help.

Software Solutions from AMS

Our W-2 and 1099 Forms Filer is our only required platform. From there, users pick the services they need. Choose from the tools below to build out your customized accounting software.