AMS Software for Kansas City, Missouri Payroll Forms

If you own or operate a business in Kansas City, you’re likely familiar with the city’s idiosyncratic tax system. More specifically, you know the city has its own earnings of tax withholding reporting forms – Missouri Form RD 110 and Missouri Form RD 130. Missouri Form RD-110 is a quarterly return used by employers, which allows them to report the gross compensation paid to employees who work in Kansas City. By contrast, Missouri Form RD 130 is a payment coupon used to remit earnings taxes withheld on a quarterly or monthly basis.

Both St. Louis City and Kansas City levy their own city earnings taxes, causing headaches for business owners and accountants who operate in these places. This means the Missouri Department of Revenue does not collect these taxes, and small business owners may need to report the amount paid on the Missouri itemized deductions form. If this sounds like a lot of form filing, you’re right – it is, and without the proper payroll and data management system, completing quarterly or monthly taxes could take hours. This is where AMS can help.

Advanced Micro Solutions has the products to streamline your accounting processes, whether you’re working on Kansas City, Missouri payroll forms, state forms, or federal tax filings. Our software generates and applies the necessary information to efficiently finish your taxes.


Finish Missouri Form RD 110 with AMS Payroll

Though redundant, Kansas City, Missouri Payroll Forms are straightforward, requiring information typical of most withholding reports. Missouri Form RD 110, for example requires business owners to include their taxable earnings, tax withheld, amount due, and other easily calculable data. Similarly, Missouri Form RD 130 is a simple payment coupon, requiring only personal information and the payment amount. The real trick to quickly and easily finishing Kansas City, Missouri Payroll Forms is to have this essential information on-hand before starting the process. For that, there’s AMS Payroll.

AMS Payroll is our comprehensive, semi-automated payroll software. In addition to operating as a standard payroll tool by printing checks and aiding in direct deposit processing, this software will automatically calculate employee wages, withholding, and most payments you need to make. The product stores critical information, such as the amount of taxable earnings, in a back-end data management system, allowing you to easily access these figures come reporting time. The software generates, stores, and applies all important numbers. All you have to do is file.


More About AMS Software

If you’re looking for more than Kansas City, Missouri Payroll Forms support, we can help. AMS operates modularly, meaning we provide around half a dozen products that can work individually or in concert with one another. This type of software organization allows users to select only the products and tools they need, lowering the overall price one might spend on accounting software.

Whether you’re in search of Kansas City, Missouri payroll forms help or something more complicated, we have the solution. Our products come with an unmatched customer support system. If you have any questions before purchasing, call our Sales and Information team at 800-536-1099. We’re here to help.

Software Solutions from AMS

Our W-2 and 1099 Forms Filer is our only required platform. From there, users pick the services they need. Choose from the tools below to build out your customized accounting software.