Complete the DC Quarterly Contribution Wage Report with AMS

Each quarter, D.C. employers are required to file an employer’s contribution and wage report, also known as Form UC-30. While there is also a DC Annual Contribution and Wage Report (Form UC-30H), the information required of both forms is nearly identical. Employers must include employee personal information and wages. To comply with unemployment tax requirements, D.C. employers should store and consistently update essential employee information: full names, Social Security Numbers, the beginning and ending dates of all payroll periods, and wages paid for each pay period. The city recommends that employers retain this data for up to seven years. If this information is readily accessible, you should not have a difficult time with your DC Quarterly Contribution Wage Report.

Unfortunately, few D.C. small businesses have the resources and/or organization to keep consistent payroll records. Without this data, the DC Quarterly Contribution Wage Report becomes a nuisance, requiring hours of information-hunting and potentially incorrect data. If you need a solution to your Form UC-30 or Form UC-30H, AMS can help.

Advanced Micro Solutions specializes in small business accounting software. We provide tools for a variety of functions—everything from payroll processing and electronic filing to ACA filers. If you struggle to complete your DC Quarterly Contribution Wage Report, we have the product to help you out.


Completing Form UC-30 is Easy with AMS

AMS Payroll has the technology you need to finish your contribution wage reports easily and on time. The software can function as a basic payroll processor; it supports both “live” and after-thefact payroll, prints checks, and includes up to 40 user-defined fields for additions and deductions. Additionally, users can magnetically/electronically file important forms, including FR-900M, Form UC-30, and Form UC-30H. This software has what you need to complete your monthly and annual filing.

However, AMS Payroll is also equipped with a back-end data hosting feature, which allows employers to enter and maintain essential employee data. If you need to complete additional D.C. tax and wage forms, this software will allow you to quickly export all the information you need. If you want to complete your D.C. tax and wage reporting faster and more efficiently, AMS is the answer.


Setting Up Your New System

We want you to make a confident and informed business choice; purchasing a new software is no small task, and payroll reporting is an essential part of business ownership. To make your decision easier, we have made our product available online in the form of a free demo. This is an excellent opportunity to see how AMS Payroll can integrate with your existing systems. If you have any questions, call our Sales and Information team at 800-536-1099. When you’re ready to purchase, you can do so at any time.

If your accounting needs extend beyond the DC Quarterly Contribution Wage Report, you may be interested in our other products. We have listed our full catalogue and corresponding prices below.

For all your small business accounting needs, AMS has the answer.

Software Solutions from AMS

Our W-2 and 1099 Forms Filer is our only required platform. From there, users pick the services they need. Choose from the tools below to build out your customized accounting software.