Check your State Unemployment Tax Rates they may have changed

Unemployment-tax-ratesAs an employer or tax preparer you need to be aware of changing tax rates and laws.

One of the most commonly changing rates is your state unemployment tax rate.  Your state may raise or lower your rate based on several factors such as what industry you are in, how long you have been in business and the number of claims you have had against you. So it’s important that you check with your state unemployment agency for your current rate.

The maximum amount of wages that are subject to unemployment may also change on an annual basis. This rate unlike the unemployment tax rate itself is the same for every employer in the state.

Rates typically are reviewed and changeable once a year. However, they can change more often depending on state law.

Our 1099-etc software module, AMS Payroll, supports all the various state quarterly taxes including knowing the rate and max wages when universal for all employers in the state.

Examples: State Disability (SDI), Work Force Development (WFD) and Employee paid SUI and SDI.

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